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MDP Programmes - Overview

It gives me a great pleasure in presenting the Annual Calendar of the Management Development Programmes (MDP) offered by XLRI, Jamshedpur for 2014-15.Each year XLRI reviews the programmes offered in the previous years and identifies programmes suited for the executives. XLRI is offering around eighty MDP programmes covering all functional areas. The programmes offered range from fundamentals, helping executives shifting from one functional area to another to programmes focusing on specific topics to help executives take up specific higher responsibilities. In addition, there are programmes which help executives develop their personality and leadership skills.

The programmes are conducted by full-time and part- time faculty of XLRI. Management Development Programmes provide various benefits:

  1. Revisiting the concepts: Continuing Education is an important component in the career path of executive as it helps the executives to understand the successes and failures by applying management concepts. This way they can replicate their successes or avoid repeated failures.

  2. Questioning the basics: In the dynamic market situations, executives are forced to take quick decisions. In the process of making decisions, sometimes the basics are forgotten. These programmes help the executives question the basics and reinforce their strategies in the right direction.

  3. Learn from other industries: These programmes provide an opportunity to share the experiences of executives of different industries and different regions. This would help the executive to broaden their understandings across different market situations.

  4. Learning atmosphere: The programmes provide an environment for learning.

  5. A Refreshing experience: A fast pace in today's world increases stress. A time out for these programmes not only provides a platform for learning but also provides the needed gap for the executives to reduce their stress. Also returning back to a campus life will provide a refreshing experience.

  6. Personality development: As mentioned some programmes are designed to help executives develop their personality and leadership skills.

In addition, to Management Development Programmes mentioned in the brochure, XLRI is willing to offer customized programmes (called In-company programmes) for specific needs of your organization. For these programmes, you could approach our office with your requirements.

We hope these programmes satisfy the needs of your organization and we invite you to participate in these programmes or nominate executives from your organizations for the relevant programmes.

With regards
M G Jomon
Associate Dean-Corporate Programmes