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Now Virtual Classrooms Of XLRI is in Your City

In order to satisfy the thirst for knowledge of the executives, XLRI has evolved various consolidated programs like 'Business Management', 'Human Resource Management', 'Logistics and Supply Chain Management', 'Retail Management', 'Sales and Marketing Management'. The program aims to provide an opportunity to study and earn a Postgraduate Certificate in different programms.

These programms are known as VIL based programms. These programms are offered across the country, with the help of two different technology partners, known as Hughes Communication India Ltd; and Reliance World. Presently XLRI is also planning to launch VIL based programme in the middle-east country.

Course Objectives

  • To expose the participants to the various theories and practices of Business Management.
  • To equip the participants with tools and techniques with which they can handle their current business tasks better and in an effective manner.
  • To give the participants a holistic perspective of Management so that they can shoulder greater responsibilities in their future career.
  • To get tuned to the latest developments and best practices prevalent in the current economy.

Program Pedagogy

The above stated objectives will be attained through:

  • An intensive program useful from a corporate management view point.
  • Class-room environment at different VIL education study centers.
  • 5 days of intensive learning at XLRI campus.
  • Project-based courses
  • Lecture series
  • Case methods
  • Group work
  • Assignments

The on-line sessions will be delivered on different study centers of our technology partners. The heart of the platform is a powerful user interface that enables large number of geographically distributed students to have a highly interactive "one to one" exchange with a central faculty. The system incorporates live broadcast video, two way audio and data interactivity to enable the students to watch and interact with the faculty live on their virtual classrooms. Conceptual discussions, case discussions and panel discussions will be the primary vehicle of learning on the platform.

Campus Visit

The participants are expected to stay in the campus for 5 days of intensive campus learning. The exact date and schedule will be announced to the participants in advance so that they can arrange for their leaves from their respective organizations. During the period of their stay on campus participants need to participate in intensive classroom and group learning sessions.


Technology Partners

Hughes Communication India Ltd.

HCIL, the premier networking services company in India, primarily through the VIL media, offers its latest range of solutions in the area of Networking, System Integration, Managed Network Services, Security, Transaction Services, Intranet, Internet (DTH, DTO, Cyber Cafe) and Interactive Distance Education (higher learning and tutorials) for enterprises, SMEs and Consumers in addition to its existing Data, Voice and Fax solutions.

Reliance World is a world-class nationwide chain of retail outlets for products and services of the Reliance-Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. It is designed to give the customer a delightful experience of the digital world of information, communication, entertainment and utility services.

All Reliance World outlets are connected to Reliance's countrywide optic fiber network. The Broadband Centre at Reliance World leverages this broadband network to offer Broadband Surfing, Online Gaming, Video Conferencing, Digital Electronic News Gathering, Digital Services, eLearning, Virtual Office and many more services.

Reliance World's Virtual Classroom platform, powered by a world-class Video Conferencing infrastructure, combines the advantages of distance learning with the efficacy of face-to-face interaction. The participants get to interact with professors just the way they would in a real classroom (which means they can see, hear and even ask questions!). Several premier educational institutes are successfully using this platform to expand the reach of their courses beyond campus-based programmes.

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