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Admission closed for PGP-CEM 2016-17

Post Graduate Programme for Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management (PGPCEM)


The Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) of XLRI, Jamshedpur invites applications for admission into its full-time 6-month Post Graduate Programme for Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management (PGPCEM)-6th batch. The salient features of the programme and the procedure of admission are indicated below.

The salient features of the programme are indicated below.

Programme Objective

PGP-CEM has been designed to provide competency-based education to the eligible candidates with a view to promoting entrepreneurship across India. The programme will be pursued in such a manner as to encourage critical and lateral thinking and integrate theory with practice.


Apart from a project formulation component, which will constitute an integral part of the Programme, a number of courses covering conceptual and operational aspects related to execution of entrepreneurial ventures (totaling around 360 contact hours) will be included in the curriculum. The details of the curriculum and the number of contact hours involved may be modified if and when such modification is considered necessary for making the Programme operationally more efficacious.

  • The modus operandi adopted for achieving the above objective consists of
  • Class lectures, which may draw upon Indian and global cases wherever necessary
  • Individual and group assignments
  • Project formulation exercise to be carried out under the mentorship of a member of the faculty
Assessment, Evaluation and Certification

Method of assessment and evaluation of performance of candidates in a course will be decided by the faculty member conducting the respective course. On successful completion of the Programme and based on the overall performance across courses, the Post Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management (PGCEM) will be awarded by XLRI to the eligible candidates.

Faculty for the Programme

The courses included in the Programme will be conducted by XLRI's faculty known for their research and/or hands-on professional experience in relevant areas and disciplines. Guest lecturers from the industry/profession may be invited in certain cases to sharpen the focus of the Centre on bringing inputs from the ground to bear on the Programme.

Classroom & Hostel

Classroom and hostel are located in the state-of-the-art campus of XLRI's Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC), newly constructed within the premises of XITE, Gamharia.

Eligibility for Admission

To be eligible to apply for admission into the Programme, the candidates should

  • Be at least Graduates from any recognized University
  • Have interest in entrepreneurship-social or commercial- even though currently not functioning as entrepreneurs
  • Possess basic computer literacy
  • Although no age bar has been stipulated, it is expected that the candidates applying for PGPCEM are physically and mentally fit to go through a typical XLRI programme
  • Eligible applicants will be subject to a process of Personal Interview and Group Discussion, if necessary, or final selection of candidates for admission into the Programme
  • Being called for the Personal Interview and Group Discussions etc., will not necessarily entitle a candidate to admission into the Programme

50% of seats will be reserved for students from Jharkhand. For this category of candidates, reservation norms stipulated by the Government will apply.

Fee Structure

Programme (Course) Fee has been fixed at Rs. 70,000, which will be payable in two equal installments. A sum of Rs. 15,000 for books & other reading materials, and Caution Money of Rs. 6,000 (refundable on completion of the programme after necessary adjustment) will be payable by each student at the time of admission into the programme along with the first installment of the programme (course) fee. Service Tax and Education Cess etc. (currently @12.36%) will be payable on Programme (course) Fee and Books and Reading Material expense charge, as per extant rules of the Government.

Hostel Fee including a Mess Advance by way of board charges of Rs. 28,500 only is expected to be around Rs. 52,000 only for those opting for twin-sharing rooms and Rs. 55,000 only for those opting for single-seated rooms for the entire period of the programme. Service Tax and Education Cess etc. will be applicable to the Mess Advance part only as per extant rules of the Government.

Allotment of Rooms in the EDC Hostel

On application, both male and female students will be provided with accommodation in the EDC Hostel. Twin-sharing rooms will be allotted by way of rule. Single-seated rooms may be allotted in a few deserving cases, if applied for by the respective students in time, subject to availability, though provision of single seated accommodation cannot be claimed as a matter of right.


Limited number of scholarships may be available for meritorious but poor students from among the SC/ST candidates based on criteria to be decided by the Institute in due course.


As indicated in one of the foregoing sections, on successful completion of the programme and based on the overall performance across courses included in the curriculum, the eligible students will be awarded the Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management (CEM).


Phone: +91 657 398/665 3333
Email: edcadmission@xlri.ac.in
Weblink: www.xlri.ac.in/edc

(Prof. Prabal K. Sen)
Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC)
XLRI Xavier School of Management
Circuit House Area (East)
Jamshedpur - 831001
Jharkhand, India