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Customer Centricity & Building Customer Focussed Organization

06 Aug 2018 - 08 Aug 2018
MDP Number : 5
Area : Marketing
Venue : XLRI Jamshedpur
Programme Directors : Narasimhan Rajkumar, Sanjeev Varshney

Introduction & Objectives :

Customer Centricity has been a felt need of organization across industrial segments and even in government organizations in recent times. Organizations have understood that to be sustainable it is important to have a satisfied customer but that may not be enough in changing times and there is a felt need to have a Happy Customer.

To make a customer happy it is important to develop long term relationship with the customer for which one needs to create exemplary customer experience. And in order to create exemplary customer experience one need to understand customer needs, expectations, pains points and emotions at various stages of decision making. This program aims to help participants to understand all this and will enable them to understand the overall need for customer centric organization along with systems, processes and technology needed to develop a customer centric organization. Aim is to help participants work towards creating a customer centered organization.

Methodology :

The programme will be delivered with a combination of lectures, case discussions, experiential exercises and interactive video. A fair amount of team work will be expected of the participants. Some of the hands on exercises:

  • Customer Laddering
  • Customer Value Mapping
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Life Time Value

Expected Participant :

Participants from Government organisations, Banking sector and all other industrial sectors . Both Marketing and Non-marketing Programme ContentsThe programme aims to cover following topics to develop a customer centric organization:

  • Understanding Customer Value and Product Service Offering: Customer Laddering
  • Understanding Customer Decision making process: Customer Journey Mapping
  • Understanding Customer Emotions: Customer pain points and Brand Contact points
  • Customer Life Time Value: Building Long Term Relationships
  • Customer Centricity: Developing Customer Centric Organization
  • Internal Marketing
  • Creating Customer Experience: Customer Satisfaction, NPS and Customer Happiness
  • Developing Systems, Processes and Technology for Customer Centric Organizations

Programme Directors :

Sanjeev Varshney & N Rajkumar

Duration :

August 6-8, 2018 (Monday - Wednesday)

Venue :

XLRI, Jamshedpur

Fee (per participant) :

Residential (Twin Sharing)
Rs. 28,500/-
Luxury Tax (for Residential) and Service Tax extra, as applicable

Non Residential
Rs. 21,000/-
Service Tax extra, as applicable