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Bodhi Tree - the XLRI Band

Bodhi Tree is a legacy that started in XLRI in the late 90s and has grown in stature over the years and has become more than just the official XLRI band.

Bodhi is an integral part of the "XL Culture" for which the B-School is known for. The genre of music that the Bodhi Tree plays is Rock (Alternative, Classic and Metal), Sufi, Eastern and Oldies. The band practices in the Bodhi practice pad in the XLRI campus, also called the Bodhi room. The regular jamming sessions go on for 2-3 hours which goes upto 5-6 hrs before shows. Most of these jamming sessions happen at night and students drop in to see the band members jam. The band's line up consists of both the senior and the junior batch members and keeps rotating every year with new batches coming in.

Senior Members (2015-16) :