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Ensemble: XLRI's Annual Management Festival

XLRI's flagship management festival, Ensemble as a fest has fashioned its image as a leading B-school fest in India. Its consistent success can be attributed to the unique and evolutionary nature of the fest. Each year, the fest is modelled around a theme which resounds the emotion of the business environment in-play. The fest tries to trigger radical thinking and invigorate the budding managers to break traditions and carve out a path of their own.

Ensemble goes beyond what a traditional B school management festival is to being the celebration of spirit and character of what makes XLRI's absolutely excellent. Ensemble represents the pinnacle of the values espoused by XLRI, the people which make this festival have ushered in a new era of management around the world.

The dedication towards creating quality events that complement the traditional learning provided by B-schools has stood Ensemble among the top three most eagerly awaited management fests in the country. Ensemble celebrates not only business sense and logic but also creativity, zeal and passion that transcend a great leader to being an absolutely phenomenal one.

Our top honour is in creating a catalytic environment for emerging leaders by bringing together some of the best minds of the country in the form of students, professors and external thought leaders, giving a stimulating and challenging platform for fruitful engagement, drawing participation from the top B schools and the top engineering colleges of the country alike.

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