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XLRI, the torchbearer of the one year MBA program in India for experienced executives is also the initiator of the first exclusive sports meet for such candidates in 2014. In the space of few years the event has grown from strength to strength and expects a massive turnout in the next iteration.

The festival aspires to rise above being merely a platform for sporting achievements - XLerate is the cynosure to highlight the rapidly rising prominence of one year MBA degrees in India pioneered by XLRI's PGDM (GM) program. Commonly perceived as a concise training regimen for greying executives the one year program is actually an accelerated full-fledged MBA for emerging corporates and XLerate fits in by clarifying this new age program.

XLerate strives to build an arena where the multifaceted lives of candidates of one year programs can be illustrated. Weaving a rich tapestry of sports, cultural and other manifold activities this unique fest aims to build up this very unique brand and via deep interaction between colleges reinforce the perception of all one year programs on a pan India basis.

Three fun filled days will boast colleges with pedigree like the foremost IIMs and ISB visit the sylvan campus in Jamshedpur and battle it out in a game of strength and wit. On the field and off it, this is a rendezvous point for relaxing and networking amidst the rigorous schedule of one year programs. Allied to on field events, case competitions and photography contests will keep the spirit high.

On a lighter side the fest concludes with a cultural night and dinner with the participants.

In view of XLRI's deep commitment to sustainability in industry, the event partners with relevant NGOs and corporates with a green streak.

Sports mirrors the battles fought in corporate India, do you have the strategic acumen to make the transition?

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