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Hostel facilities at XLRI, are provided for students of the residential programs, consist of the four hostel blocks with more than 400 rooms in total. Every hostel room has access points linking it to the campus-wide network and the various network resources and services.

The Fr. Enright Men's ResidenceThe Fr. Enright Men's Residence: The first hostel block to be built, this building is an imposing five-storied structure that was constructed in 1969. GH1 has 100+ rooms in both single-occupancy and twin-sharing formats. This building also houses the XL mess, the kitchens, "Cellar" the convenience store. GH1 has three large open areas for student functions and recreational activities. Enright Hall containing recreation and indoor sporting facilities is also situated inside GH1.

The St. Thomas Men's ResidenceThe St. Thomas Men's Residence: GH3 is the newest of the four hostel buildings on the XLRI campus. This building is a sprawling three-storied structure with 100+ single-occupancy rooms. This building has a brand new mess and a large atrium for student functions and social gatherings. It also has a common recreation room with TV.

The Mother Teresa Women's ResidenceThe Mother Teresa Women's Residence: The New Ladies Hostel was built in 1998 in order to accommodate an increasing number of girl students across the various programmes. A three-storied building, it provides accommodation in 45 single/double occupancy rooms. Each floor is equipped with facilities, such as phones, water filter & cooler, a common room and TV, which create a homely atmosphere. All hostel rooms are computerized and have 24 hours internetaccess. The Internet and the Intranet of the Institute enable the students to constantly interact with each other and be connected to the outside world.

The Nilima Acharji Women's ResidenceThe Nilima Acharji Women's Residence: A smaller hostel block GH2 is a three storied building and shares messing and other facilities with GH1 and GH3. It has 20+ twin-sharing rooms.