• Positive Impact Rating 2020XLRI Among Top 30 Global B-schools in Positive Impact Rating 2020

    XLRI features among the top 30 Global B-schools in Positive Impact Rating 2020 launched at World Economic Forum in Davos. XLRI is rated as a Progressing School.

  • Annual Marketing FairMAXI Fair

    The Marketing Association of XLRI (MAXI) celebrated 41 years of its flagship event - MAXI Marketing Fair with great fervour. The fair attracted more than 8000 people for primary data collection for market research for various brands across sectors.

  • ConclaveCYGNUS 2019

    The flagship techno-operations event Cygnus 2019 was hosted under the theme Industry 4.0. The conclave included various events with emphasis on technologies like IoT, Data Analytics and Blockchain and their implementation in Operations Management.

  • Student FestEnsemble -Valhalla 2019

    The three-day fest Ensemble-Valhalla 2019 was a celebration of the theme Break Free. The theme represents the essence of people breaking free from the shackles and stereotypes to emerge victorious in different walks of life. The intent was to uphold the spirit of innovation and success in the field of arts, culture, business, and sports.

  • Thought Leadership6th Dr Verghese Kurien Memorial Oration

    The 6th Dr Verghese Kurien Memorial Oration was delivered by acclaimed environmentalist and ecofeminist Dr Vandana Shiva at XLRI. She spoke on the topic Oneness vs 1%: Ecological Responses to the Threat for Planet and Humanity.

  • Responsible LeadersShaping Responsible Leaders

    Over the years there has been a conscious effort through curriculum changes and campus culture to shape responsible business leaders who will help shape a sustainable future.

  • Whole-Person GrowthEncouraging Whole-Person Growth

    Integral formation is a prime goal at the institute whereby students are encouraged to nurture their intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social persona to evolve as well-rounded human beings furthering greater common good.

  • Enabling InfrastructureEnabling Infrastructure

    The serene and green campus is also well-equipped with world-class infrastructure to help students, faculty, staff and other internal stakeholders in furthering their professional and personal aspirations.

  • Social ConscienceSensitizing Social Conscience

    Students are actively encouraged to develop empathy and understanding for the underserved and marginalized sections of the society with a view to evolve as business leaders who appreciate the importance of inclusive and sustainable growth.

  • Jesuit TraditionInspiring Jesuit Tradition

    The institute draws inspiration from the Jesuit tradition of developing Heroic Leaders who strive to attain Excellence with Integrity in the true discerning spirit of the Jesuit motto of Magis - ever greater, ever better.

Academic ProgrammesWith a passion for academic excellence, XLRI offers full-time Management programs in addition to part-time and virtual interactive learning courses.

Featured videosA collection of videos showcasing the XLRI legacy and the prestigious position of the Management School in the academic arena.

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