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Centre for Global Management & Responsible Leadership

Center for Global Management and Responsible Leadership with the objective of promoting global, ethical, and sustainable business practices through the development of the requisite academic, curricular and outreach support for students and executives interested in global ethical business; was formed in 2010 at XLRI, Jamshedpur, India. 


Centre for Human Resource Development (CHRD)

The centre for HRD undertakes research, conducts training programs and organizes conferences to support the knowledge creation and dissemination in the area of Human Resource Management. CHRD has pioneered a number of initiatives such as housing of the first secretariat of National HRD Network, starting the NHRD Newsletter, conducting HRD conferences, etc. 


Centre for Rural Management (CRM)

XLRI established the CRM in 1992 with the following objectives to build new rural management knowledge, to provide creative instruments of intervention particularly in the areas of education, health, rural enterprises and infrastructure; to strengthen microfinance, natural resources management, institutions supporting rural livelihoods; to identify critical constraints and impediments of rural development; and to create responsible leaders/managers who can make Indian Rural Society vibrant. 


Financial Market Centre (FMC)

The Financial Market Centre (FMC) was established in 1998 at XLRI, Xavier School of Management as a centre for advanced learning and research serving the Indian financial sector. The FMC serves as the focal point of interest at XLRI in research, training and consultancy in financial markets.


Centre for Logistics & SCM

The Vision

The Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management will provide leadership for evolving logistics and supply chain profession through the development, dissemination, and advancement of logistics and supply chain knowledge


Fr Arrupe Centre for Ecology and Sustainability (FACES)

Fr Arrupe Centre for Ecology and Sustainability (FACES) is a multi- disciplinary centre at XLRI, Jamshedpur, which aims to promote policies, practices and dialogue which have an impact on holistic and sustainable development of society and enterprises. 


XLRI Ethics Research Centre (TXLERC)

The JRD Tata XLRI Ethics Research Centre (TXLERC) is an innovative research initiative spanning across several cross-functional areas of Business Ethics such as Ethics of Finance, Ethics of HRM, Ethics of Accounting, Ethics of Marketing, Ethics of Strategy, and the like. The centre was started by Fr. Oswald Mascarenhas, SJ, (JRD Tata Chair Professor of Business Ethics), in May 2014.


Management Education Research Centre (MERC)

The Management Education Research Centre (MERC) was launched in 2016. MERC intends to become a centre of excellence for studies into all aspects of management education; macro aspects like Policies, Regulation and Structure of the Sector and micro aspects like input, throughput and impact outcomes of players in the sector.


Behaviour Research Centre

The Behaviour Research Centre (BRC) was set up in 2009 to facilitate the conduct of experiment-based inquiries to better understand human motives and behaviour across disciplines.


Centre for Peace and Justice, XLRI Jamshedpur

Inspired by the Jesuit spirit of Magis, the Centre for Peace and Justice was established at XLRI in 2019 for promoting peace and harmony amongst fellow human beings, without discrimination of any kind as enshrined in various International Conventions and Covenants and the Constitution of India. The Centre collaborates with state and non-state stakeholders having similar objectives and values to set up and support academic programmes, advocacy, research centres and training for the advancement of education and knowledge in the field of peace studies, justice, conflict resolution and communal harmony, thereby aiming to achieve the greater common good.


Centre for Research and Training in Educational Leadership (CeRTEL)

Aim: CeRTEL aims at enhancing and advancing the teaching-learning experience in the schools of India. Combining our expertise in management education with the path breaking insights of acclaimed educationists, we shall strive to influence and support better teaching methodologies and enhanced student performance in schools.


XLRI Council for Entrepreneurship Excellence and Development (XCEED)

XCEED has been set up to provide support to alumni and students of XLRI who wish to start a venture of their own. Its overall objective is to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in the XLRI community.