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"XLRI Jamshedpur and IKisan" announces a joint six month on-line self-learning Certificate Programme in Agri-Business Management. The objective of the programme is to supplement your agricultural knowledge with business skills to enhance your effectiveness.

Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd (NFCL)

One of the most recognized agricultural brands in India which is dedicated to providing customers with solutions in plant nutrition, irrigation, farm services and plant management.

NFCL always had the desire to play a proactive role in the development of society. It was always indebted to the society that not only accepted it but also provided an opportunity to grow and flourish.

The company is committed to the physical, academic and economic well-being of the community by actively pursuing the cause of education, social, culture, health and welfare.


IKisan is a comprehensive Agri Portal promoted by NFCL to provide Information, Knowledge and Business requirements to various players in the Agri arena viz., Farmers, Trade channel partners and Agri Input / Output companies. Leveraging Information Technology and extensive field presence, IKisan is positioned as an Information / Knowledge exchange.

XLRI-IKisan Certificate Programme

The programme is designed to allow the participant to learn at his/her own pace on a self-learning basis. The course content developed by XLRI and IKisan would be available on www.Ikisan.com. You would be provided a password to download the material from the site.

Design of the course
  • The programme would consist of courses covering managerial skills, technical skills and professional skills. Each course requiring about sixty (60) hours of effort from you.
  • An Independent project wherein you identify an issue in agribusiness and study it in detail and give your recommendations after analyzing the problem using the concepts learnt during the programme. The study should involve field study and should reflect at least sixty (60) hours effort. For this you need to identify a guide, who could be a faculty or an executive from the industry.

You are encouraged to interact with the faculty of XLRI/ IKisan through email or other means as suggested by the faculty.

Courses would have online exercises. Your personal involvement in the exercises would enhance your knowledge and skills.

Courses would also have a written end term exam. The dates of which would be communicated to you separately.

The courses would be offered across in three modules a campus component and an individual project.

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