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People Analytics

22 Jul 2019 - 25 Jul 2019
MDP Number : 7
Area : Organizational Behaviour
Venue : XLRI Jamshedpur
Programme Directors : Gloryson R B Chalil

Introduction and Objective :

Human Resource function is no more considered as a cost center alone. HR has illustrated its potential to add value on both sides of income statement via both revenue growth and expense reduction. HR profession is waking up to the potential value of analysis by adopting the power of analytics from various other functions. HR analytics enable us to apply descriptive analytics to understand current human capital problems and prescriptive analytics to improve future outcomes from human capital investments.

This programme is designed to help dedicated participants to understand and develop frameworks that will help to structure the work, getting the right type of people to do the work, engage them in the allocated work and continuously explore innovative ways to get the work done.

Methodology :

This program is based on combination of methods which include recent case studies from leading organizations, lecture, hands on experience on data analysis, group work to determine the best HR response to data trends, and reflection of organization specifics to contextualize the learning for organizational benefit. Participants are expected to attend this program with reasonable understanding about data challenges specific to their organization and sector.

Continued support: Participants from those organizations willing to get into an academic partnership with XLRI are offered three months of continued support for their first HR analytic project after the MDP. Feel free to contact us for further details about academic partnership.

Expected Participant :

  • Managers responsible for allocating resources for various HR initiatives or measuring returns from them
  • Professionals interested in optimization of human capital based change initiatives
  • Professionals interested in implementing evidence based HR investments in their organizations
  • Professionals planning to update or improve their HR Analytical skills
  • Members from organizations planning to set up an HR Analytic team for the first time
  • Professionals interested to improve the existing way of collecting HR data or make meaningful use of existing HR data for future decisions.

Please note:

This is an introductory program meant for professionals planning to learn about the utility of HR Analytics through a systematic development program. This program will help you to utilize HR analytics in making better HR decisions in day to day work or to pursue a full time career in HR analytics. Also note that this MDP is not meant for experts who are looking for advanced analytic tools within HR domain.

HR Analytics is a logic driven process and hence do not mandate expertise in statistical techniques. We encourage even those HR professionals uncomfortable with quantitative methods to attend the program and get surprised by experiencing the utility of logic driven analytical process.

Due to the necessity for close interaction, individual guidance and continued support, the number of participants for this MDP is limited to 10 - 12 participants per batch.

Programme Contents :

  • Human Capital Analytic Continuum
  • Analytical Foundations of HR Measurement
  • The Workforce Analytic Process: Designing an HR Analytic Project
  • Descriptive Analytics: Identifying Trends in Existing HR data
  • Predictive Analytics: Making Forecasts about Possible Outcomes
  • Prescriptive Analytics: Designing and Implementing HR Interventions based on Predictive Analytics
  • Illustrations of HR Analytics: Staffing, Training, Performance Management, Compensation, Attrition Management and Engagement Initiatives

Programme Directors :

Prof. Gloryson RB Chalil

Duration :

July 22 - 25, 2019

Venue :

XLRI, Jamshedpur

Fee (per participant) :

Non Residential
Rs. 36,000/-
Service Tax extra, as applicable