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Corporate Sustainability for Competitive Advantage

16 Sep 2019 - 21 Sep 2019
MDP Number : 23
Area : Strategic Management
Venue : New Delhi
Programme Directors : Tata L Raghu Ram

Introduction and Objective :

With global policy impetus on GHG emission reductions (Paris Climate Agreement) and Global Sustainable Development Goals winds of change are blowing across the global economy. Growing global population and exponential growth in consumption levels are associated with environmental degradation and social inequities. Intensifying competition for scarce resources (human, natural & financial) coupled with limited planetary thresholds for waste assimilation are triggering more stringent global and national regulations around sustainable development – which will have profound business implications.

In the business context, Sustainable Development and its many manifestations (Corporate Sustainability, Triple Bottom Line, Corporate Citizenship, and Corporate Social Responsibility etc.) have emerged as a new business paradigm. Pressure from a multitude of stakeholders (viz. policy makers, judiciary, financial institutions, civil society organization etc.) is driving business to integrate sustainable development concerns into decision making processes. Further, lack of such proactive action by business, in instances, have caused significant damages to finances and reputation. Thus assessing performance of a business enterprise on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matrix has become an ingredient of investor analysis. Besides, embedded sustainability for shared value creation is increasingly becoming the new Strategic Mantra.

To successfully move ahead on the “sustainability maturity curve” organizations have to consider both internal and external stakeholder dynamics and also concerns related to the socio-economic, political and ecological systems within which they operate and on which they depend. While recognizing the need for addressing sustainability challenges, organizations find it challenging to delineate and address specific implications in each function- finance, strategy, HR, manufacturing, product development, marketing, communications etc. Appreciation of sustainability and its operationalization in the organization is hindered due to inability to strike a balance between short term compulsions and medium and long term opportunities; pressure and influence of stakeholders having direct control vs distant but material stakeholders.

Commensurate with this recognition, the programme “CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE“sets out to address the following questions:

  • What culture, values and approaches steer the art of balancing business interest in different time horizons and value spaces?
  • What role different functions play in contributing to sustainability practice?
  • Sustainability culture- new normal.
  • How to formulate and implement sustainability policies with win-win-win outcomes?
  • How to create shared value and derive strategic advantage from sustainability initiatives?
  • How to leverage sustainability assessment, monitoring and reporting measures for competitive advantage?

This program is specifically designed to address the above questions and to strengthen the capacity of middle & senior executives for positively influencing organizational sustainability plans. This program will develop the necessary concepts and skills required for developing a systematic and effective sustainability strategy. The program presents latest concepts, frameworks and methodologies for achieving competitive advantage through sustainability.

Methodology :

The pedagogy will comprise of lectures from eminent experts, case discussions and analysis, experiential learning, experience sharing sessions and hands-on strategy formulation exercises. The participants should be able to relate the discussions to their respective roles in an organization.

Expected Participant :

This program is for middle and senior level executives from Private and Public Sector Enterprises who are involved with sustainability initiatives. It is especially designed to meet the needs of organizations who wish to upgrade the skills and aptitudes of their middle and senior executives in the Strategic sustainability sphere. Given that this is a mid-senior management program, participants are expected to have some basic knowledge on Sustainable Development, Corporate Sustainability & CSR related issues.

Programme Contents :

The program will comprehensively involve the participants in a debate on a range of state of the art sustainability tools, concepts and frameworks. By the end of the six day programme, the participants will be able to appreciate the strategic intent and potential of sustainability. They will also develop an understanding on how to integrate sustainability concerns into organizational strategy to derive competitive advantage. 

  • Relevance of Corporate Sustainability in a globalized economy
  • Drivers of corporate Sustainability
  • Major trends and developments in pursuit of global sustainable development agenda by UN, Governments, Business and Civil Society
  • Sustainability management tools and systems concepts
    • LCA, Life cycle costing, ISO 14001/26000/20400
    • Natural Capital Valuation / Circular Economy, Carbon Disclosure & internal pricing of carbon
    • Metrics and analytics for sustainability
  • Operations & Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Marketing and Corporate Sustainability
  • Finance and Sustainability
  • HRM, Organizational change and Leadership for Sustainability
  • Sustainability & Innovation
  • Driving competitive advantage through sustainability: Connecting the dots

Programme Directors :

Prof. Raguram Tata

Duration :

September 16 - 21, 2019

Venue :

New Delhi

Fee (per participant) :

Non Residential
Rs. 60,000/-
Service Tax extra, as applicable