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Leadership Competency for Star Performance

26 Aug 2019 - 29 Aug 2019
MDP Number : 20
Area : Human Resources Management
Venue : XLRI Jamshedpur
Programme Directors : M G Jomon

Introduction and Objective :

Leadership quality was perceived to be a rare commodity that existed with a privileged few who would have the mandate to redeem the world by transforming a less privileged group, social segment or organization. Such a perception has lost its ground and in organizations today every role holders is considered to be a leader of the role entrusted to him or her with the responsibility to perform and prove the mettle. A person who cannot assume leadership role in his area of work especially while dealing with customers has no place in the organization. The researches that we have done in the leadership area over the last six years indicate that leadership competency can make big difference in achieving performance results. The study also point out that leadership quality observed in a person may not lead to good performance as these qualities may not be translated into leadership competencies that are essential for high performance at the role. Our study also indicated that experience, executive education and specific functional training may not build leadership competencies in a role holder. However, this can be achieved through a carefully designed capacity building programme. A study of over 1000 profiles of managers enabled us to come out with a framework and methodology to identify, assess and develop leadership competencies in managers to meet the managerial challenges. The current programme is implemented to achieve these objectives.

It is imperative that role occupants are continuously engaged and interacting with other role holders especially the 'significant others'. Many a role holders may even be facilitating a team or even teams with supervisory roles. Besides these, in dynamic work scenario role holders may be entrusted with additional role responsibility or even new roles. In all these circumstances, while the key to success is the leadership competencies it may not be possible for organizations to provide the employees with leadership competency building programme each time new roles and responsibilities are assigned. The Current program takes into consideration of this, provides tools, methodologies and framework to develop threshold leadership competencies in managers to become star performers in their roles teams and in the organization.

  • To comprehend the leadership concept in managerial roles and various processes that leads to managerial effectiveness.
  • To learn to use the tools necessary for identifying, assessing and developing leadership competencies for managers.
  • To pick up skills those are necessary to assume leadership roles in one's managerial role especially in challenging situations and dealing with difficult persons.
  • To in still skills that are required to facilitate a group or groups that are entrusted by empowering and managing the various group processes.
  • To achieve outstanding performance results from team and its members by equipping every member with leadership competencies.

Methodology :

The programme is experiential in nature. The participants need to work in groups and would work on the data generated during the programme. Case studies will be used for discussion, analysis and for skill development.

Expected Participant :

Managers and Senior Managers from all functions; Leaders, Change Agents and Group Facilitators.

Programme Content :

  • Leadership and Manager Paradigms    
  • Leadership Roles and performance implications
  • Leadership and high performance teams
  • Leadership Competency and performance
  • Leadership competency profiling
  • Developing and managing Leaderships competency
  • Leadership competency and Star performers

Programme Directors :

Prof. MG Jomon

Duration :

August 26 - 29, 2019

Venue :

XLRI, Jamshedpur

Fee (per participant) :

Non Residential
Rs. 36,000/-
Service Tax extra, as applicable