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Mimicking Nature for Sustainable Future

26 Sep 2019 - 28 Sep 2019
MDP Number : 25
Area : Strategic Management
Venue : Forest Resort
Programme Directors : Tata L Raghu Ram

Introduction and Objective :

Nature is the most successful and longest running business enterprise ever. Nearly four billion years of existence makes nature the longest running research lab and knowledge repository of radical ideas for sustainability, diversity, design, evolution, innovation, leadership, succession, competition, collaboration, strategy etc. This program starts by asking a question: “can leaders learn from and mimic nature to develop systems approaches to create a sustainable future for their enterprise?”  The philosophy of this program offering follows what Albert Einstein famously said, “look deep into nature and you will understand everything better”.

This is probably first of its kind management development program in India, where participants will be learning leadership lessons from nature - by staying in nature, exploring nature and expanding their horizons of knowledge through this new exposition.

Objective of the program is to expand the participant’s leadership horizons through learnings from nature.

Methodology :

A professional wildlife biologist & business management gurus will together guide the participants through talks/walks/treks in forest areas interspersed by class room lectures and moderated intense discussions.

Expected Participant :

This program is meant only for executives in senior leadership roles in private or public sector. As the pedagogy involves long walks/trecks through forest areas, basic physical fitness is a prerequisite (people with medical conditions are advised not to apply). The program will accommodate a maximum of 20 participants on first come first serve basis.

Programme Contents :

  • Key prerequisites to a sustainable future: Nature’s design for sustainability
  • Shrewd, mean, lean, dynamic sustainability strategies for survival from nature
  •  Manage evolution & innovation: How does nature do it?
  • Leadership & succession: lessons from species & ecosystems
  • Competition & collaboration: Supply chains in nature
  • Marketing strategies from nature

Programme Directors :

Prof. Raguram Tata

Duration :

September 26 - 28, 2019

Venue :

Forest Resort

Fee (per participant) :

Non Residential
Rs. 1,50,000/-
Service Tax extra, as applicable