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HR Audit - Leading to Internal Auditor Certification

18 Feb 2020 - 22 Feb 2020
MDP Number : 64
Area : Human Resources Management
Venue : XLRI Jamshedpur
Programme Directors : M G Jomon

Introduction and Objective :

What is HR Audit?

HR audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the current human resource development strategies, structure, systems, styles and skills in the context of the short and long term business plans of an organization. HR audit attempts to find out the future HR needs of the organization after assessing the current HR activities and inputs available.

How is it done?

HR audit starts with an understanding of the future business plans and corporate strategies. While HR audit can be done even in organizations that do not have well thought out future plans and strategies, it is most effective as a tool when the organization already has such long term plans. HR audit starts with attempts to answer questions like the following:

  • Where does the organization want to be ten years form now, three years from now and one year from now?
  • What is the current skill and competency base of employees in the organization in relation to various roles and role requirements?
  • What are the HR systems available today to help the organization build competency base for the present, immediate future as well as for long term goals?
  • What is the current level of effectiveness of these systems in developing people and ensuring that competencies are available in adequate enough to manage HR in the company?

HR Audit also examines linkages with other organizational systems and uses a variety of methodologies to arrive at an HR score card.

Why do Corporations want HR Audit?

  • To take stock of things and to improve HR function for expanding, diversifying and entering into a fast growth phase.
  • For promoting professionalism among the employees and the organization
  • Dissatisfaction with a particular component of HR (e.g. Training, Performance appraisals etc.)
  • Change of Leadership (before or after the change)
  • To get the top management to think in terms of strategic and long term business plans
  • To get role clarity of HR Department and the role of Line managers in HR
  • Streamlining other management practices
  • To focus on human resources and human competencies
  • Strengthening accountabilities through appraisal systems and other mechanisms
  • Strengthening all interventions in the organization relating to quality and Organizational Development.

Pedagogy :

The programme is experiential in nature. The participants need to work in groups and need to work on the data generated during the programme. Case studies will be used for discussion, analysis and for skill development. HR Audit framework will be provided for learning the HR Audit Methodology.

Expected Participant :

For HR Managers, Corporate Planning Staff, Quality Experts, Internal Change Agents, and Line Managers interested in becoming HR Auditors. The participants should be familiar with the basic concepts, systems and processes of HR. This programme is not meant for consultants.

Programme Content :

  • To learn about HR Audit framework, how it is conducted and utilized in the post audit to achieve business excellence.
  • To collect data and interpret the same for ones own organization using HR Audit methodology and bench-mark the same with data from other participant organizations.
  • To develop skills in the use of the HR methods and processes including audit result reporting and post audit utilization and impact assessment.
  • To develop ones own capabilities to be an Internal HR Auditor
  • On completion of the programme, participants can avail an internal HR auditor certificate with a successful completion of an HR audit in their respective organization.

Programme Directors :

Prof. MG Jomon

Duration :

February 18 - 22, 2020

Venue :

XLRI Jamshedpur

Fee (per participant) :

Non Residential
Rs. 45,000/-
Service Tax extra, as applicable