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Behaviour Research Centre

The Behaviour Research Centre (BRC) was set up in 2009 to facilitate the conduct of experiment-based inquiries to better understand human motives and behaviour across disciplines.


To promote intellectual contribution by facilitating high quality research in the field of management and allied disciplines by providing state-of-the-art facilities to faculty members, fellow research scholars and postgraduate students of XLRI by enabling them to conduct a variety of studies involving laboratory and web-based experiments, online surveys, tasks and FGDs. Additionally, the BRC undertakes corporate sponsored experimental research in the respective domain of interest be it consumer behavior in marketspace or employee behavior in organisation.

Facilities Available

The Behavioural Research Center provides state-of-the-art facilities to expedite world-class behavioural research. The facilities help in administering experimental stimuli to the individual subjects (respondents). Facilities are also available to administer the experimental stimuli to a group of 20 subjects simultaneously. The facilities available are listed below:

Group Lab

Group Lab is a sound proof observation room with a seating capacity of 8-10 people fitted with a one-way mirror, video camera and is ideal for running the focus group discussions (FGDs), interviews and conducting observation-based experiments. The data captured through the online audio-video camera can be analysed by using various softwares. The Group Lab is the most frequently used facility in the Behavioural Research Center.

Multi-Person Lab

Multi-Person Lab consists of 5 separated cabins/cubicles for capturing individual responses with privacy and anonymity. These cabins are equipped with a personal computer, each of which is accompanied with 21-inch monitor, web cam, and headphone. Data analysis software such as SPSS and R are installed in each of these computer terminals. Recently, a computer-based, choice-based conjoint model was conducted in the Multi-Person Lab of the Behavioral Research Center in collaboration with Guelph University, Canada.

Conference Room

Conference Room of Behavioural Research Center is equipped with an LED screen and creative audio system, which can be used for debriefing the respondents or conducting group-based experimental exercises. Conference Room is also used to provide relevant instructions to the subjects before proceeding to Multi-Person Lab or Group Lab. This space can also be used for designing and conducting small experiments and has been provided with move-around furnitures.

Co-ordinator: Prof. Israel, D. Professor and Chairperson (Marketing Area)

Contact detail: disrael@xlri.ac.in.