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Centre for Research and Training in Educational Leadership (CeRTEL)

Aim: CeRTEL aims at enhancing and advancing the teaching-learning experience in the schools of India. Combining our expertise in management education with the path breaking insights of acclaimed educationists, we shall strive to influence and support better teaching methodologies and enhanced student performance in schools.

Objectives: CeRTEL will attempt a three-pronged approach, a) engage in relevant research, b) empower the teaching/learning community and c) disseminate findings. The centre in collaboration with like-minded organizations, wishes to serve as a powerhouse that makes teaching/ learning a celebration, more effective and efficient. We shall help evolve an alternate pedagogy and focus on children ‘at-risk’. The student volunteers of Samarthya would pitch in to make the plan a reality. We aim at concretising New Education Policy’s vision by orienting teachers on the fresh perspective that it offers. The emphasis would be on making suggestions practicable by creating spaces for teachers to translate the perspective into action by assisting them with templates, methods and models to provide school-based and learning-focused support. At the level of school processes, enabling effective management of schools and creating avenues for collaboration between schools would be undertaken.

Our Vision:


A Brief History: XLRI has always laid special emphasis on advancing school education and on conducting teacher training sessions. Some of the activities that XLRI has conducted in the past include trainings based on Basic Mangerial Skills for All by Fr. EH McGrath, one of XLRI’s Founding Fathers and former Director of XLRI, annual training sessions for principals across the country by Fr. Theo A. Mathias, former Director of XLRI.

Centre for Research and Training in Educational Leadership (CeRTEL) was relaunched in 2016 and aims to carry the XLRI legacy forward. It also intends to extend the horizon of its commitment more systematically, inclusively, collaboratively, and most importantly, sustainably.

Co-ordinator: Fr Peter Francis, SJ