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Management Education Research Centre (MERC)

In today's context of unpredictable business scenarios, disruptive innovations and highly empowered customers, the capabilities required to be a successful manager has undergone a huge change. The Management Schools have to move to improve the thinking, reasoning and creative problem solving skills of the students. The managers of tomorrow are to be equipped with the competencies that enhances their managerial skills, attitudes and a sense of identity. It is not about just "knowing" but about "doing and being". Thus a rebalancing of the scales is needed. How can people look at a problem and see it differently. Then only one breaks the log jam.

The Management Education and Research Centre works towards deploying the tools and pedagogical approaches to improve student's reasoning and argument building skills and to develop critical thinking. The Centre will work towards understanding and developing the best practices of teaching and learning. With ever shortening of attention span of millennials, what could be the approaches to make them interested, motivated and remain engaged in both inside and outside of classes. How can experiential learning methods are to be designed for internalizing the right lessons. What kind of pedagogical techniques will make action learning, field experiences into reflective exercises? How can both rigour and relevance be balanced?

The Objectives of the Centre of Teaching and Learning

  • To share the best practices of of teaching and sharing of experiences
  • To undertake research on effectiveness of various pedagogical approaches and the role of participant centred learning in Indian Context
  • To sensitize faculty members about the dynamics of adult learning and the best ways to do it
  • To collaborate with other Management Schools both from India and abroad pertaining to innovations in pedagogy
  • To explore how technology can be harnessed to maximize learning such as blended learning, flipped classrooms and etc
  • To provide a forum for new and young faculty to understand the dynamics of case based learning ,simulations and other active learning approaches to enhance learning of students
  • To act as a resource centre and a mentor for faculty to achieve excellence in teaching in developing world class managers

The Activities of the Centre

  • To conduct workshops and conferences on Participant Centred learning for Faculty and Doctoral Students
  • Conducting Teaching Seminars for Faculty and sharing of best practices for adoption by other interested members and thus creating a community of learners
  • Collaborative Research with Other Centres of Teaching and Learning from both National and International Management Schools
  • Publish Research work in various Pedagogical Journals

Up Coming Events:

  • Research Seminar in the month of April, 2020
  • Workshop on Ensuring Effective Learning in Management Schools in May,2020
  • Teaching through Cases and Case Writing Workshop, September, 2020

Co-ordinator: Dr. Sanjay Patro, Professor of Marketing