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Social Responsibility

SIGMA (Social Initiative Group for Managerial Assistance) is a students' committee, which undertakes socially relevant projects on a regular basis. Here is a snapshot of the activities SIGMA does:

National Social Entrepreneurship Conference:

Every year in the last weekend of January the National Social Entrepreneurship conference is held. The conference receives participation from students, academicians, corporate and well known successful entrepreneurs from the social sector. It acts as a platform for sharing of ideas, contacts and resources amongst the social entrepreneurs.

Basic Computer Literacy Program

This initiative was a result of the desire to fulfill the needs expressed by the youth from modest background to have basic computer literacy skills. BCLP is designed and delivered by the students to a group of 25-50 young people, who come from less-privileged backgrounds, but have an urge to learn. The program uses the Computer Lab facilities of XLRI and is delivered over weekends.

Udaan: Children's Public Library

In June 2009, XLRI students started a Children's Public Library for the kids of the outhouse and XLRI staff. The idea behind this initiative was to expose these underprivileged children with the kind of books which they would find enjoyable to read, and thus develop a habit of reading. Students also volunteer to do story-telling sessions with these children and help them perform their own skits.

Blood Donation Camps

Blood-donation camps are organized twice a year in July and January. Blood donated by the students at these camps goes to the cancer patients' hospital, who may be undergoing chemotherapy, and may be requiring blood transfusion. In all, more than 200 units of blood is normally collected during these camps.

Beneficiary- Benefactor

SIGMA helps interested students from tribal areas of Jharkhand by sponsoring their education through a network of XLRI students and alumni. This helps in providing good education and discouraging drop-outs due to lack of funds.

XL Teaches

Students from XLRI visit various schools across Jamshedpur for a Career Counselling Session. The students talk to schools regarding various traditional and non-traditional career options available and provide basic guidance with respect to requirements of the same.

SHG Training

Since 2010, SIGMA has been partnering with local NGO, Kalamndir, to impart training to the members of various Self Help Groups (SHGs) on subjects like bookkeeping, basic accounts and business development.

Initiative for Social Entrepreneurial Leadership (ISEL)

The program is envisaged as an integral part of the summer placement process where students are placed with NGOs and social organizations to work full time for two months, with the option of working with the organization full time after the completion of their post graduate program.

Joy of Giving Week

Since 2009, when the Joy of Giving Week was launched as a nation-wide "festival of philanthropy", XLRI has been anchoring it for the entire city of Jamshedpur. During the last two years, by involving and mobilizing support from the local community (corporate, schools, civil society organizations, etc.) Students initiate various programs, e.g cloth and grain collection, city cleanup drives, nukkad nataks, talent show for kids at orphanages, Gift of time for senior citizens at old age home, health camps, sports and meals for workers of XLRI etc.