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Students of XLRI now have an international platform by virtue of a recent tie-up with a global community that believes in sustainable practices. The Social Initiative Group for Managerial Assistance (SIGMA), a students' society at XLRI, has become a member of Oikos international, St Gallen, Switzerland. An international students' organization for sustainable economics and management, Oikos has 40 chapters across the globe.

SIGMA, a group of budding managers committed to community service, will henceforth have access to diverse experiences of other member chapters. Through SIGMA, XLRI's management students will also be invited to participate in several events, such as case-study competitions, summer and winter schools and various international project competitions and discussions.

The primary aim of SIGMA is to help NGOs formulate effective fund-raising strategies, develop new programmes, curtail expenses and perform better. Essentially, it works on projects for building sustainable business models for NGOs and small-medium scale enterprises (SMEs).

The Oikos membership will also help SIGMA in mobilising funds as it would have a larger network to tap.