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The nightingale coos atop the infamous Bodhi Tree at XLRI campus, the clock reads 5 am, the first rays of sun hit the Chapel and the junta at XL finally retires for the night.

Welcome to Life, XL Style.

Situated in the tranquil city of Jamshedpur, the lives of XL's students is anything but. From the hustle-bustle of classes that starts at 9 am and lasts... well, pretty much round the clock, to the study sessions and meetings for group assignments, the students rarely find a free moment.

Pouring over books, cracking case studies, participating in competitions, students rarely miss a chance to hone their skills or display them. Academic rigor is ingrained into the culture of the institute, students and professors. Rarely is a deadline not advanced, or an opportunity to give yet another assignment or quiz missed by the professors. The students are not far behind. Rarely is a deadline missed or an opportunity to 'XL' at an assignment or ace a 'surprise' quiz.

But immersing yourself in studies and cases is not the XL way of life, it is in fact, considered inefficient. Sports is the lifeline of XLRI, students and professors alike. Seldom does an evening pass without the students playing basketball with the Dean. Be it Valhalla or Sports Day, XLers are at the top of their game.

Finding time always for social endeavors, the institution has ingrained the culture of socially responsible management amongst its students. Always finding time for rural excursions, social projects and giving back to the society.

All in a day's work, XLers manage to excel at their very own triple bottom line!!!