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Every manager has to be adept in handling operations to bring about cost savings and creating efficient processes is the norm of the day. The role of Operations and Supply Management in achieving this cannot be undermined.

AXIOM is an initiative, started in 2004 by the students and the faculty of XLRI to help the students gain an insight to the intricacies of industrial and operations management. It is an attempt of this society to extend the understanding of the international best practices and develop interest among students for the same. We endeavour to spread awareness and understanding of managing production processes and delivering services by organizing quizzes,simulations, guest lectures, live projects and plant visits. We try to facilitate Certifications for the student community and help in Effective Knowledge Sharing.

We further intend to contribute to the industry as a body of students and experienced faculty, by providing a platform for industrialists to share their  thoughts.We release the AXIS newsletter, a compendium of latest developments in the industry.