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CRUX Advisory Services

CRUX Advisory Services offers consultancy and research services to interested startups,organizations and voluntary bodies. These services can be availed in the form ofLive Projects, Research Assignments or Competitions.

What we offer:

  • Professional execution: Students selected from both junior and senior batch with relevant expertise will undertake the project/assignment.
  • Access to extensive databases: XLRI boasts of a vast pool of knowledge databases, journals, e-resources and library
  • Faculty Expertise: The functional expertise and business exposure of our esteemed faculty will be used for the services
  • Fresh perspective
  • Cost effectiveness


Airtel Consulting Bootcamp

The Airtel Business Excellence camp was officially kicked-off at XLRI in November 2011. This bootcamp is targeted at all the aspiring consultants at XLRI. The Bootcamp, conducted by Zenesys, is a 2 day intensive training program on case-based interviews/discussions, consulting methodologies and tips to crack Consult interviews. Each participant got a chance to work on a live consulting project (provided by companies) during and after the Boot camp.  Every participant was certified as a “ZENeSYS Consultant” for successfully attending the Consulting Boot Camp.

The bootcamp series was conducted by Zenesys and sponsored by Airtel.



Framespeak is an initiative by CRUX to educate students about the various frameworks and strategies that are used in the industry to drive business decisions and strategy. The CRUX Blog and the CRUX Facebook page were updated daily with a new framework and an analysis of how it is used in a business context. CRUX plans to run this initiative in short bursts throughout the year.


Consulting Focused Group

An initiative by CRUX to foster an interest and understanding of the Consulting industry among the students. The Consulting Focused Group is organized by CRUX for budding consultants who get together and conduct case interviews among themselves. This activity is driven purely through peer learning and voluntary involvement of interested students. The idea is to provide a platform to strengthen the consulting skills of this “focused group” of students.

Gyaan Sessions

During important phases in b-school life such as placements, pre-internships etc. CRUX regularly organises sessions by people with experience in the consulting industry to present their insights and experiences to the students. This way CRUX aims to be pro-active in helping students make rational and informed choices about their careers by reducing information asymmetry in the student community.


A good consultant must be fluent with the intricacies of MS Excel and PowerPoint. Hence, CRUX conducts workshops for teaching students the various facets of these software so that our students can make confidents proposals and presentations in the industry tomorrow.


CREST is the official consulting magazine of XLRI and is run by the CRUX team. CREST features articles by people from the industry and academia, as well as provides a platform for the voice of the student community of XLRI to be heard on a national scale.