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School Sessions

The model of Samarthya is to deliver sessions to the school students in Jamshedpur. The sessions are focused on self, interpersonal relations and coping with the pressures in society. They deal with issues like self - awareness, conflict management and anger management. The aim is to build a rapport with the students and establish a buddy system.

Buddy System

A group of 8-10 school students have a buddy (XLRI student) who strikes informal, friendly and open conversations with them in order to provide a patient ear to their problems, facilitate their coping up process and guide them become a better self. This model has enabled to touch about 350 lives.

Annual Conference - Reflections

An annual conference was conducted with the theme of ‘Living Life in all its Fullness'. This served as a platform for the students, teachers and parents to come together, share ideas and voice their concerns. It discussed in length the positive sides of life and how to revive hope among depressed teenagers. The conference included a panel discussion on social and emotional development of children and current education system and was attended by 19 schools in Jamshedpur.