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About Us

The Academic Committee of XLRI, or AcadCom as it is popularly known, serves as a bridge between the students and the faculty. It is a body that comprises the Class Representatives from all the sections. The sole objective of AcadCom is to serve as a central coordinator working for the benefit of students, faculty and the administration.

AcadCom serves as a student’s best buddy throughout his tenure at XLRI. Be it accommodating student activities with class schedule, or coordinating for compensatory classes with the faculty, AcadCom is the body a student approaches. One may put it this way- AcadCom is the students’ negotiator and the faculty’s facilitator.

The committee continues to bring to the students all academics related support including past experiences.

Apart from academic support, AcadCom is the organizer of XL Utsav which is an annual event at XLRI Jamshedpur. This event is a platform for the students and faculty to come together and enjoy by participating in various sporting and cultural activities.