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The XLRI Student Fund, an initiative of FINAX, is XLRI's in-house equity fund which gives students the experience of managing an investment portfolio. It was conceptualized with the objective of providing future managers with a launch pad to hone their investment skills through the experience of managing a real investment portfolio.

The Student Fund's investment philosophy is that of value-oriented fundamental analysis. The sector analysts generate quality research to aid investment decisions. The Senior Analysts mentor the Junior Analysts in analysing sectors and evaluating investment options. The stock analysis meetings stimulate debate and a culture of forming opinions and questioning assumptions which leaves the team richer in experience.

Name Email ID Contact Number
Karthik Ramakrishnan (Chief Investment Officer) 8097074064
Satyajeet Gaur (Treasurer) 8120934057
Samiksha Verma 9654013939
Prithvi Sehgal 8800195883
Aadish Bansal 8130028676