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Chinese New Year :

It is celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar and is an important Chinese festival. The festival is centuries old and has gained significance because of several myths and traditions. Traditionally, they honor deities as well as ancestors during the festive period. GAME worked behind the scenes for the Chinese New Year ’15 at XLRI to ensure we had entertainment, food, and activities. It was for the first time that XLRI celebrated the Spring Festival on 18th Feb in the campus in presence of all XL-members including 300 students, faculty and their families. It was truly an excellent event where Chinese songs, games, dance, decorations and ofcourse food brought the desired Chinese flavor to the event.

GAME hopes to make the Chinese New Year celebration a tradition for the years to come.

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Easter :

It is one of the most important holidays in the Christian calendar. It marks the day that Jesus resurrected from the dead, three days after His Crucifixion. In many parts of the world it is celebrated with a coming together of family and a feast. In the US there are traditions involving the dyeing of hardboiled eggs, commonly referred to as Easter Eggs. GMBA students celebrated this fun event on 5th April and painted over 100 eggs and enjoyed the traditional Easter food.