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Social Initiative Group for Managerial Assistance, popularly known as SIGMA, was founded in the year 2002 SIGMA became the Jamshedpur chapter of Switzerland based organisation oikos International in 2014 and it promotes and undertakes philanthropic and sustainable initiatives in and around Jamshedpur The committee has taken up various socially responsible causes over time, resulting in the reputation that is now associated with it SIGMA oikos works in coherence with NGOs, and other concerned parties to make a better living for all From the smallest acts of help to the larger efforts in conducting city level donation drives, the team works towards the social and sustainable causes covering varying segments of society.

'You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.'

From a single seed SIGMA oikos has grown into a big tree, the branches of which are growing in different directions encompassing and reaching out to as many sections of society as possible The different directions in which this tree is growing are ranging from literacy initiatives to live projects helping in making a sustainable livelihood Some of these initiatives are

Proud to Ride Cycling Initiative

In December 2015 SIGMA oikos launched a Campus Cycle Project, with a pilot run of 36 cycles to commute between the old and the new campus The initiative is a small step towards making the campus carbon neutral and aims to reduce the time and effort of students to move between the two campuses The number of cycles was doubled to 72 in 2017 and is expected to increase to 100 by 2019.

Spot Fixing Campaign

This initiative was started in November 2015 with the idea of making the streets of Jamshedpur cleaner while beautifying them with socially responsible messages Many spots have been cleaned and painted across Jamshedpur, and more such spot fixing campaigns are conducted year on year by the team Not only this, surplus cloth, paper and e wastage collection drives are regularly carried out regularly in the campus of XLRI.

SIGMA oikos has been actively supporting JUSCO’s Swachhtapukare Swarnrekhapukare campaigns, to make the city and the rivers of Jamshedpur clean.

Basic Computer Literacy Program (BCLP)

The Basic Computer Literacy Program was started in 2007 as an outcome of XLRI’s Village Exposure Program for all students. This initiative was a result of the desire to fulfil the needs expressed by the youth to have basic computer literacy skills. BCLP is a 15 module course, designed and delivered by X LRI students to a group of 40 50 children, who come from less privileged background, but have an urge to learn. The program uses the Computer Lab facilities of XLRI and is delivered over weekends and is now a regular student managed activity at the institute.

Legal Literacy Program

This initiative aims at providing the necessary basic legal information that the local rural people should have in order to unde rstand their legal rights. It is conducted across villages in Jharkhand.

Daan Utsav: Joy of Giving Week

Since 2009, when the Daan Utsav (earlier known as Joy of Giving Week) was launched as a nation wide “festival of philanthropy”, XLRI has been anchoring it for the entire city of Jamshedpur. During the last ten years, by involving and mobilizing support from the local community (corporate, schoo ls, civil society organizations, etc.), SIGMA oikos has anchored and facilitated the Joy of Giving festival in Jamshedpur. During the week, the XLRI students are engaged in a va rie ty of events involving volunteerism and giving.

Few of the initiaitves carried out during this week are:

  • Vastra Samman & Ann Daan (Donation of clothes and dry ration): Students visited faculty and staff residences during the Joy of Giving Week and collected items. Also, SIGMA oikos collaborated with various schools across the city of Jamshedpur which served as collection points.
  • The Gift of Time: Visit to Nirmal Hryuday: Nirmal Hryuday is an Old Age Home and Orphanage in Baridih, Jamshedpur, meant for those who have bee n a bandoned by the society or their families. It is run by the Missionaries of Charity. During the Joy of Giving Week, students of XLRI visited the m, took sweets, provisions for a month along with love and affection and spent time with more than 100 residents of Nirmal Hryuday.
  • Kehkaha Day: A magical day spent with kids learning from them, reliving childhoods and, inspiring them in little ways to greater heights an indescribable experience. The event involved students of Sankalp from 4th to 8th standard. It began with a movie screening, that connected deeply with the kid s as revealed when they subsequently shared their insights on the experience. This was followed by a drawing competition and a round of fun games. The event was a n i mportant reminder to prove that children, whatever be their circumstances, have immense potential, and are well on their way to becoming change makers of the future.
  • Wish Tree: The students of XLRI fulfilled the wishes of children from the orphanage & the elderly of the Old Age Home through a Wish Tree which had a list of wishes kept at various locations on campus.
  • Serving Those Who Serve Us: The students of XLRI felicitated the workers of XLRI by celebrating 'Serving Those Who Serve Us Day'. It was an opportunity f or to give back to the workers of XLRI as lunch was organized for them.
  • Nukkad Natak: Team SIGMA oikos collaborated with Dracula The Dramatics and Cultural Association of XLRI, to organize a street play during Joy of Giving week of the Jamshedpur fest at the local monthly extravaganza Jam Street. The play was aimed at raising awareness about the JoyFest and at tracted a large crowd.

Blood Donation Camps

Blood donation camps are organized by SIGMA oikos at XLRI in association with the Red Cross Society of Jamshedpur, the Governmen t Hospital of Jamshedpur and HDFC. These camps are an annual feature at XLRI, and blood donated by the students at these camps goes to the cancer patients’ hosp ita l or the government hospital where people of extremely modest means come for treatment.

Oikos Jamshedpur Chapter

SIGMA oikos is an active chapter from Jamshedpur and is one amongst the only 4 chapters that oikos International (Switzerland) h as in India, working towards sustainability initiatives.

Social Entrepreneurship Conclave

Under the aegis of Fr Arrupe Center for Ecology Sustainability, SIGMA oikos has been organizing Social Entrepreneurship Conclave It is an off shoot of the National Conference for Social Entrepreneurship which was initiated by Prof Madhukar Shukla It brings together Social Entrepreneurs from across the country and gives them a platform to discuss their work and learn from other's experiences.

The 1st edition of SEC was based on the theme --“Infinite possibilities” wherein the speakers shared their take on how to become a social entrepreneur.

The 2nd edition saw 16 delegates(corporates as well as Social entrepreneurs) from all across the country to discuss on the theme --“Entrepreneurship for Urban Sustainability” The discussions were divided into 5 sub themes Urban Governance, Access to Basic Social Services, Protecting the Core Environment, Strengthening the Informal Workforce and Waste Pollution Management The conclave saw healthy discussions on various approaches these corporates and social entrepreneurs take working towards a sustainable future.

Tarapore Young Leaders’ Fellowship Program

The Tarapore Young Leaders’ Fellowship Program was initiated by Tarapore school in June 2018 under the guidance of Prof Pingali Venugopal, wherein a group of 16 students were selected from various schools across Jamshedpur and were trained by SIGMA oikos on how to interact with children of underprivileged societies and in the process, address the problem of rural education The students worked with government schools in nearby villages to implement sustainable solutions for problems like infrastructure, pedagogy etc.

This year's theme is Rural Nutrition based on UN Sustainable Development Goal --"End hunger, achieve food security nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture" We'll be collaborating with SEEDS for the same.


Under the aegis of Ensemble Valhalla, SIGMA oikos, organizes its Flagship sustainability event Societas While exploring real life industrial issues, the event provides the participant teams the hands on opportunity to design solutions for a sustainable and greener future.

Live Projects

  • CHUK: Understanding the awareness and requirement levels of potential audience of eco friendly biodegradable cutlery and designing its Go to market strategy was the crux of CHUK live project.
  • Oyster: This live project was based on designing and developing go to market strategy for Oyster mushroom which could potentially make this as a sustainable living option for the families cultivating mushroom.
  • Sabar: The tribal people of Sabar tribe have beautiful artifacts and handicraft material which are quite mature which unfortunately did not have a sustainable market This project aimed at creating a market for the same.
  • ACT: A live project to provide operational and marketing approach to the products manufactured by rural woman which could provide them sustainable livelihood.

Waste Food Management

SIGMA oikos started an initiative for managing the huge amount of prepared food that gets wasted in the college every day through collaboration with Robin Hood Army Helping Hearts Foundation NGOs that coordinate with multiple institutions in Jamshedpur and collects food to make it available for people who can’t afford to buy it.

Durga Puja Visarjan awareness drive

SIGMA oikos rose its voice to fight the evil of pollution during Durga visarjan by cleaning and creating awareness about river pollution amongst citizens at Domuhani Ghat, Jamshedpur The event was done in collaboration with Jampot Greens as a part of the ‘Clean India Green Festivals’ initiative

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