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Here's to the spirit of sharing ideas that matter
Of converging city’s precious talents on stage
Here's to running marathons that make us flatter
A brighter Diwali for a few and adding more years to their age!!

The above lines quintessentially summarize the sum and substance of CII Yi, XLRI which was established in April 2008, through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Yi i.e the Young Indians unit of Confederation of Indian Industries(CII), a non government, not for profit, industry led and industry managed organization playing a proactive role in India's development process.CII Yi prides itself in being the only committee on campus, associated with a n ati onal organization and has leveraged this connect to benefit the youth of Jamshedpur city. Over the years CII Yi has worked hard to curate some of the most meaningful eve nts that have garnered appreciation from all sections of the society across populace. A few prominent events that CII Yi conducts under its parasol are:

  • Jamshedpur Run: With over 1300 participants, the 9 th edition of Jamshedpur Run in 2018 turned out to be a monumental success witnessing a higher number of contestants than the previous editions CII Yi XLRI in association with Ensemble Valhalla team managed to pull off the run in 5 km format School children from 28 schools, college students, corporate executives and XLRI fraternity came together to make the event a success on all fronts.
  • Tedx: Tedx was clearly the most successful event of the year with the likes of Kirti Bhoutika (Winner of Master Chef Season 5 and Arun Krishnamurthy (renowned Indian environmentalist), we experienced a plethora of emotions at Tedx this year We felt happiness with the kind of work that Arun and Manish were doing and felt empathy for the people that Nitin's Soham Labs was working for! Pavithra's narration left us horripilated and Kirti's achievements at such a tender age filled us with joy Over and above all, Col Prabir Sengupta's life and his vow to work for Naam, Namak and Nishan inspired us to the very core!
  • Kshitij: The flagship event of Yi student chapter at XLRI, has now evolved into a platform that provides a unique opportunity to school children of Jamshedpur coming from different strata of society to showcase their talent and be recognized The 10 th edition of Kshitij successfully hosted 550 talented students from 16 schools in 2019 The daylong inter school cultural competition comprised of six events quiz, painting, play, picture story, talent show and group dance The school children mesmerised everyone with their spectacular performance The Tinplate Company of India Ltd ..( has been supporting the event since its inception and was the Title sponsor for this year's edition as well.
  • Silent Auction: The Silent Auction, an annual charity drive, was conducted on Diwali night every year Memorabilia and souvenirs were collected from the entire college community and auctioned off The proceeds from the auction was donated to Tata Memorial Hospital for the treatment of lung cancer patients.

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