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What is it that we do?

Keep the CAMPUS alive and rocking!

JUNIOR'S NITE : Harassing (Evil?) professors and disappointing grades? when all you want to do is be home in front of the TV eating good food? we come to the rescue again. A live entertainment show by the seniors ending with a seven course meal relieving everyone of the monotonous mess food , when all you're expected to do is sit back and enjoy the pleasures of home.

QUIZZING LEAGUES : When all the souls wander mindlessly in pursuit of the right answers, DRACULA wakes up to find the right questions. Only place you find a world cup quiz to a bong quiz, your thirst for knowledge ends here.

DEBATING LEAGUE : Again for the first time ever, a debating league shall be held through the year for all those who do not stop wagging their tongues even when….. Whenever!!

FILM FESTIVAL : Showcasing some of the most brilliant films from all genres of cinema, along with a film criticism and appreciation workshop.

SENIOR'S NITE : Tradition says 'respect your seniors, serve them well and you shall be blessed'. The juniors shall follow willingly. A nite filled with music, skits, laughter and tearful goodbyes as we go by the year's idiosyncrasies and let count Dracula conjure up a magical night that leads into a feast fit for royalty and make sure that the memories never fade.