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"The Forum for Industrial Relations at XLRI - FIRE@X is the committee for promotion of industrial relations at XLRI. It was founded as a discussion forum in 1996 and overtime, took shape into the formal society it is today.

Fire@x is the hub of all IR related activities in XLRI. It aims to inculcate a dialogue amongst the student community about key aspects of Employee Relations/ Industrial Relations. It helps the students foray into the dynamic world of industrial disputes, resolutions, bargaining and agreements. FIRE@X organizes acclaimed events throughout the academic year, such as industry interfacing, live projects/case studies, inter college events, e-newsletter.

Fire@x is a frontrunner in keeping the Labour Law and IR culture alive at XLRI, something which the institute’s roots are steeped in and that remains, till date, its distinguishing factor. Some of our events like Trial by Fire and the National IR Summit have been appreciated across leading B-Schools in India.

All the activities of FIRE@X are designed with a singular purpose in mind: spreading awareness and enthusiasm about the field of Industrial Relations and Labour Law in new, interesting and relatable ways. It is said that 'In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice, there is'. FIRE@X aims at bridging this gap by introducing students to the nuances of the Industry."

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