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ABOUT: SOCRATES (Society for Rapid Assimilation of Technology in Systems) is the face of technology at XLRI. Team SOCRATES is a de dic ated group of individuals who are passionate about technology and its business applications.

VISION: SOCRATES was initiated with the intention of bringing technology closer to the global business leaders of tomorrow. The aim is to provide a platform where future managers can gain exposure, through hands on experience, on how technology can be leveraged to solve real life issues and industry problems in domains of business and human resource management.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The responsibilities of SOCRATES include ideating, developing and maintaining mobile/web applications based technology products for the improvement of student life on campus. Also, SOCRATES acts as an interface between students, student body committees and IT Admin on campus to fulfil the IT requirements.

INITIATIVES: Some of the initiatives of SOCRATES include XLerate App, Cygnus National IT + Ops Conclave, XL Gaming League, C.H.A.R.M.S p ortal, Elections Portal, Bid it like Beckham Football bidding event, Spare Laptop Inventory Management, Laptop Deals and yes, SOCRATES manages the IT infrastructure at XLRI.

“Help will always be given at SOCRATES to those who ask for it”
Reach Team SOCRATES At:
FB: www.facebook.com/socratesxlri
Mail: socrates@xlri.ac.in