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Informal Committees and Interest Groups


FLIX is the official digital hub of XLRI. It caters to the daily digital requirements of professors and students alike. The prim ary objective of FLIX is to ensure that all the digital resources in the form of softwares, e-books, movies, documentaries, music, etc. are made available to everyone in the campus throughout the year. The digital requests of the alumni are also looked after in FLIX.

The team is responsible for running, maintaining and updating one of the most unique databases of digital content across the B-Schools in the country. Apart from that, the team also organizes multiple screenings of movies and other popular events for the residents of the camp us at different intervals throughout the year.

FLIX is also the home for online debates and discussions concerning movies, music and other forms of popular media among the XLRI community. It acts as the first point of contact for reviews and recommendations of digital content to the students.

FLIX is one of the most popular committees among the students, faculty and alumni of XLRI and has often been appreciated for its continuous service of making everyone at XLRI digitally sufficient.