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External Linkages


XLRI's face to the 'world at large'

The Committee was founded in 1999 to coincide with XLRI’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations and christened External Linkages (better known as ExLink). It is entrusted with helping to build the brand and supporting media outreach initiatives of XLRI Jamshedpur.

Mission and Vision/ Purpose

  • To represent XLRI as a B-school that gives the corporate world management professionals who uphold its core values of Excellence, Relationship and Integrity, to its various stakeholders including the media, the industry, aspiring students and the alumni.
  • To help discharge the dual responsibilities of internal as well as external branding and communication by streamlining all committee and campus activities and routing them to the media
  • To act as the spokesperson for XLRI to the outside world whenever needed, nurture the brand and help enhance synergies where appropriate
  • To build cordial relations with the Media and help draft media messages for the bevy of events on campus
  • Regularly updating the various platforms of external communication namely the website, blogs, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked-in etc
  • Help in Compilation of the in-house magazine "the Magis" by encouraging the students to contribute articles of all the happenings on campus