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External Linkages


About ExLink

External Linkages fondly known as ExLink, was formed in 1999 to mark XLRI's golden Jubilee celebrations and as a step ahead in the journey of branding XLRI. ExLink is a student run committee with a team of diverse individuals who work constantly year-round with other committees on campus and adeptly handle the various branding channels and platforms for promoting XLRI. ExLink is the committee entrusted with building the brand and handling media management of XLRI Jamshedpur.


The major responsibilities of the committee follow:

  • To act as the first point of contact for XLRI aspirants and ensuring their smooth onboarding till the final batch reaches the gates of XLRI.
  • To represent XLRI as a B-school that gives the corporate world management professionals who uphold its core values of Excellence, Relationship and Integrity, to its various stakeholders including the media, the industry, aspiring students and the alumni.
  • To discharge the dual responsibilities of internal as well as external branding and communication by streamlining all committee and campus activities and channeling them to the media including Live Coverage of all institute's flagship events such as Ensemble-Valhalla, JRD Tata Oration, Dr. Verghese Kurien Memoriel, and Leadership talks that have hosted eminent speakers such as Prof Muhammad Yunus in the past.
  • To act as the spokesperson for XLRI to the outside world, nurture the brand and utilize its synergies where appropriate
  • To build cordial relations with the Media and draft media strategies for the bevy of events on campus
  • Regularly updating the various platforms of external communication namely the website, blogs, and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn etc.
  • Compilation of the in-house magazine "Magis" by encouraging the students to contribute articles related to the happenings on campus.



Apart from these functional responsibilities, ExLink actively involves the students of the institute through regular events and activities like:

  • Quill-a-thon, an event that tests the writing skills of the students by providing them with a topic with which they can relate to. The event is an online one and is conducted frequently throughout the year
  • Rebrand, the icebreaker of the Committee, gives the students an insight into what it takes to be the "Face of XLRI" testing them on their knowledge about XLRI, there acumen in social media branding etc.
  • XLMeriJaan: The official student blog of XLRI, XLMeriJaan ensures that all the informal and constant updates are provided to people inside and outside the college.
  • Placement Report: ExLink is officially responsible for curating and publicizing XLRI's placement report. As one of the new achievements in the year 2017-18, the committee was able to bring on-board the biggest news portals such as FirstPost, EconomicTimes, and MoneyControl.
  • Advocatus Diaboli, a National Level Debating competition, attracting participants from colleges, schools and B-schools across the nation.
    Among the many initiatives taken by ExLink in the year 2016-2017, one of the major ones was organizing the event Advocatus Diaboli, during Ensemble 2016, the annual management fest of XLRI. The event was conceptualized with the intention of providing a platform to those in the college who had a penchant for public speaking and were looking for platforms to express themselves. The event saw participation from colleges across the country, and the even had Professor Rahul Shukla as the judge
  • Out of the box, an online college event where students with outstanding profiles are given an opportunity to showcase their talents.
  • Politica: As an initiative for the year 2017-18, ExLink conceptualized the event 'Politica', an event that tests one's speaking and negotiating skills, for XLRI's fest, Ensemble-Valhalla.
  • Media presence: Articles on XAT's toppers preparation strategies and winning approaches to take the XAT exam were shared with HT Media Ltd. aimed towards the benefit of XAT aspirants. Articles were written for various MBA websites on pertinent B-school related issues. Recently, more articles on GD/PI preparation have been published in HT and Times of India.
  • XL Experience and XL Diaries: Two new initiatives of the year 2017-18, ExLink ideated the competitions XL Experience and XL Diaries, to make the amazing time students had in their first month and during XLRI's outbound and village trips even more memorable. A writing contest for the incoming batch, on their one month journey in XLRI was conducted, which saw active participation from the 2017-2019 batch. The entries were picked by few of the biggest media houses in the country for publication.
  • Aspirant Relations: One of the biggest responsibilities of the committee, is the overall campaigning and aspirant relation management for XAT. Beginning with the media campaigns for the exam which involve XAT Topper video series, Quora and Facebook XAT query sessions, XAT Stories on all MBA blogs, Media articles about XLRI, ExLink is responsible to keep all the aspirants informed about the various updates and ensure the process goes smoothly. This is followed by the formation of the final converts group, where the team makes sure all the students do not face any issue in the on boarding process, and helps them out during one of their most vulnerable phases in college life.