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  • The year started with Fire@x conducting ‘Ceasefire’, the ice breaking event for the 2015-17 batch. The event was a great success & thus commenced a wonderful journey. All round the year the committee conducted various online quizzes, simulation events & case study competitions.
  • Samhita, the quarterly magazine was also revamped & regular issues were launched thus ensuring that the students are connected with the latest happenings of the industry. Amongst all these the highlight of the year was the 7th National IR Conference.
  • The 7th National IR Conference was organised on 9th and 10th January,2016 in partnership with IIRA,FES, Britannia and IOCL. The Chief Guest of the conference, Mr. PP Mitra, Principal Labour and Employment Adviser,Govt of India,  wished to draw the attention of the audience to the policy measures being contemplated by the Ministry of Labour, Government of India. Prof. Kuriakose Mamkottam in his keynote address problemetised the perception that labour laws needed reforms and flexibility and their relevance in the Indian context. Mr. TV Narendran, Managing Director, Tata Steel and Chairman, Board of Governors, XLRI pointed out to the integrated nature of the global economy the how technology has come to play a major role in providing opportunities and challenges to remain competitive and yet retain man power. The esteemed  panelists Prof. Ravi Srivastava, Dr. S.K. Sashikumar, Mr. Sharad Patil, Ms. Rohini Hensman, Dr. R Krishna Murthy, Mr. Gautam Mody spoke on the topic of proposed labour reforms and their probable effect on our country. While Mr. Virjesh Upadhyay, Mr. Sumant Kumar Sinha, Dr. Sonia George, Ms. Christine Nathan, Mr. Karthik Shekhar, Ms. Shalini Sinha spoke about the need for support and importance of collectivizing in the unorganized sector.

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  • The visit to ITC Munger (450 km from Jamshedpur) was also organized successfully on 3rd December 2015. The visit was conducted for the third year in succession and is now becoming one of the most sought after events for XLRI students. The students got to witness the life in ITC’s tobacco factory and also got to interact with trade union leaders. The management also shared its best practices and organized several engaging activities between ITC employees and the XLRI students, which it may be added here was a victory personified for XLRI. The event was a perfect mix of learning and fun for the students.
  • Fire@x  also conducted the second season of ‘Trial By Fire’, the Biggest IR management quiz league, a series of 3 quizzes over the course of 3 months. The quizzes were in the form of online MCQ, Pictionary and Online Treasure Hunt pertaining to Industrial Relations. The grand finale was held during the 7th National IR Conference with the top 6 teams battling it out in a case study competition for the top spot.  The event witnessed participation from top 30 B schools in India and was a widely appreciated.
  • Among other activities of Fire@x were the events conducted during Ensemble 2015.
          i. Apollo, the new simulation event was a first of its kind event where students had to use the skills of collective bargaining to achieve preselected goals.
         ii. Strike or Yield, the flagship event witnessed participation from top 20 B schools in India. The event was judged by Mr. Joseph Kujur, Senior Manager-Legal,
            Tata Steel. He praised Fire@x for its efforts in popularizing industrial relations amongst students.
  • The year ended with the launch of Dhyuti, the annual magazine of Fire@x.