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Over a short span of time, ISEP has developed academic collaborations and exchange partnerships with prestigious institutes throughout the world. Our partners are renowned globally in the field of management teaching and research and are accredited by various international associations.

The various activities carried out by the International Student Exchange Committee are as follows:

  • Acting as the student body representatives of the international student exchange programme at XLRI
  • Contacting newer B Schools and initiating negotiations with them to explore areas of collaboration between XLRI and other management institutions
  • Facilitating the stay of the foreign exchange students in XLRI, including pickup, accommodation, buddy program and campus tour
  • Organizing short term study tours for foreign students
  • Organizing short term study tours for our students
  • Faculty exchange programs
  • Joint Research initiatives and consulting assignments
  • Providing and maintaining a database for the students of XLRI going on exchange to the various foreign universities
  • Maintaining contact with the foreign universities as well as the foreign students due to come over for exchange
  • Trying out new avenues for scholarships and financial aid
  • Obtaining feedback from the international students
  • Working with XLRI students going on exchange program with to make presentations about the institute
  • Assisting students going on exchange through initiatives to help them plan their stay abroad
  • Maintaining the XLRI ISEP website and other promotional material

For details about our partners, please visit www.xlri.ac.in/isep