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The Marketing Association of XLRI, or MAXI as it's fondly known as, is the oldest committee on campus. Established forty-six years ago, in 1971, MAXI's mandate has been simple - to popularize the field of Marketing at XLRI and ensure that fun and quirkiness are an integral part of the entire process. This is achieved through a mix of competitive events, talks, interaction sessions, conferences and of course, the world-renowned MAXI Fair. It is often said that Marketing is something that needs to be experienced rather than studied, and MAXI uses this as one of its guiding principles. All events conducted by MAXI are designed to give students a deep, working insight into what Marketing is really about. MAXI is possibly the best-known and most respected committee, both within and outside XLRI. This standing is a result of constant innovation - be it in the more famous form of MAXI Fair, or other initiatives like Mindscapes - India's first seminar on the applications of Behavioural Research in Marketing.

The flagship Marketing event Circus Maximus, held during Ensemble-Valhalla - the annual XLRI Fest, is perhaps the most hands-on Marketing event on the B-school circuit. Intra-college activities like MAXI Bazaar, MAXI Section League, AdTwist and industry interaction sessions under the Food For Thought umbrella serve to add flavour to the academic courses taught in Marketing and keep the interest and enthusiasm high.

An ISO 9001 organisation, MAXI is probably the only student committee in India to hold a Limca and a Guinness World Record. Our social media and web presence is unparalleled in the Indian B-school circuits as well, with our Facebook page having over 59,000 likes and a peak weekly reach of over 20 million and our YouTube channel which has about 1 million views. Our website, www.maxi-xlri.com, is a great source of marketing news and related articles.

Our past achievements include consulting for FMCG giants like P&G, HUL, Nestle, ITC, Reckitt Benckiser and many more at MAXI FAIR. Never one to rest on its past laurels, MAXI continually strives to innovate and provide the best possible learning experience to the students to maintain XLRI's standing as 'The' destination for Marketing. The committee strives to achieve new heights in marketing, and has recently entered the Research, Analytics and Web domains to help XLRI students keep up with the latest industry trends.

At MAXI we believe "If you're a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy." and probably that is why we are INSANELY DIFFERENT.