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SAC (Apex Administrative Body)


STUDENT AFFAIRS COUNCIL (SAC) is the apex body and the representative council of the students of XLRI. The consists of a General Secretary at the helm and four elected representatives from the senior batch and three selected members from the Junior batch.

The committee has always been an all-pervasive player in student affairs, at the hub of activities at all times. The General Secretary along with the principal secretaries ensure that whenever a strategic decision is made, all aspects of B-School life are taken into account i.e.

  • Academics
  • Placements
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Experiences (Functional Activities)

SAC members hold office as the:

  • Ambassadors: SAC members are the college representatives. They are the face of the XLRI student community to the outside world
  • Liaisons: SAC works as the interface between the students and the administration & the students and the faculty
  • Policy Makers : SAC is the governing body for all student activities. It plays an active role in issues such as restructuring academic content and enhancement of infrastructure and other facilities
  • Administrators:  SAC directs and supervises of all student activities on campus, manages committees and clubs and strives for continuous betterment of student life
  • Treasurers: SAC is responsible for planning, budgeting and handling the finances of the Centralized XLRI Student Fund that is used for financing student activities.
  • Innovators: Constantly aiming at improving student experiences, SAC plays a critical role in ideating and implementing new initiatives to improve campus life.

The structure of the Student Council is as provided below