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SAC (Apex Administrative Body)


SAC organizes Ensemble, the premier event hosted by XLRI for the top B-Schools. Ensemble began modestly as a forum to catalyze the interaction of like minded management graduates from all across the nation. The Young Managers, who came together each year, shared their learning and designed world class solutions to complex problems that the field of management had to offer. Ensemble is the Annual Management Fest of XLRI where the best business schools of India and top corporate leaders collaborate to uncover the intricacies of the world of business and the challenges it offers.

The event held once in every academic year, has events like Paper Presentation, Business Plan Design, Strategy Games and Case Studies across all business functions like Marketing, Finance, HR, Systems and Operations. The Event which begins with an Idea Summit and Flagship Game runs abreast for two days and concludes with a breath taking rock show. The role of SAC in ensemble is to broad-manage the entire show and ensure its continuing success. Ensemble 2008 like its predecessors is slated to happen on January.