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Activities during 2015-16


Sapphire launched its Ice breaker event for juniors, titled 'CHAOS'. It involved basic HR learnings like Training and Development, Wage Determination, Recruitment and Selection etc to present a true amalgamation of learning and fun.

Live Projects

Backspace Consulting

Offering opportunities to all students on XL campus, Backspace introduced a rigorous live project regarding tokri.com that helped students understand how to take and analyse surveys regarding consumer behaviour.


Presenting it to both BM and HR, we gave both batches a chance to work with an upcoming nascent venue aggregator - leading to rich rewards for both students and companies.


SAPPHIRE hosted two events at Ensemble 2015, its flagship event 'War of Wits' in association with Beans and Bread and was the final stage host in the cross-domain event Apollo.

While the first round of War of Wits was a quiz with around 250 teams participating, the final round was a challenging case study with 6 teams in the mix.

At the same time, SAPPHIRE also co-conducted Apollo, the Cross-Domain event for the students of XLRI. The final event involved presenting a live project analysis of an upcoming service restaurant that tested the competency of participants in analysing a business, and how it could grow and change to adapt to the environment.

Newsletters and Magazines

Synapse 2016:

The theme was on 'HR as a Game Changer'. Student and Industry articles were published that provided a diverse palate on the main theme. In addition to that, SAPPHIRE also showcased the different events it had held throughout the past year. As for extras, crosswords and comic strips were also included.

Xpress HR:

With the theme 'High Potentials', SAPPHIRE reached out to the students and HiPos themselves in the industry - securing excellent articles and insightful interviews.

HR League

A new initiative this year, this involved the three sections choosing teams of three and doing battle across different HR based events - Domestic Enquiry, HR Employee Auction and Training and Development. HR Employee Auction saw how psychology and assumed merit played a part as constant mind games were done to get the upper hand.

In the T&D event, the students had to research on training and development of XL based staff and suggest improvements to the current modules. This both helped students gain a perspective on the XL community and be an active participant in its growth.

Battle HRRoyale

The flagship HR quiz league which was presented on a national level, attracted over 400+ 4 member teams from over 30 B-schools initially, with more coming in as the stages progressed. With cash prizes worth Rs. 20,000 up for grabs, there was the added incentive for its popularity apart from the innovative format for the quiz. The final round was a case study to be presented to an esteemed panel, thus offering both exposure and a platform for interaction with industry leaders.

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