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Social Initiative Group for Managerial Assistance, popularly known as SIGMA, was founded in year 2002 to work towards the social causes in and around Jamshedpur. The committee has taken up various social causes over the time, resulting in the reputation that is now associated with it. The SIGMA team also works in coherence and collaboration with the NGOs, and all the other concerned parties to make a better living for those around us. From the smallest acts of helping to the larger efforts in conducting city-level donation drives, the team works towards the social causes covering varying segments of the society.

'You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.'
- Charles Bukowski

The SIGMA committee members are dedicated individuals who believe that every single socially responsible act makes the world a better place, one act at a time. The team sees it as their duty to help others, rather than seeing it just as a committee task. From a single seed SIGMA has grown into a big tree, the branches of which are growing in different directions encompassing and reaching out to as many sections of society as possible. The different directions in which this tree is growing are ranging from literacy initiatives to live projects helping in making a sustainable livelihood. Some of these initiatives are-

  • Live Projects: Over time, SIGMA has undertaken live projects to help the local population to increase sustainable livelihood opportunities. Some of the ongoing live projects under SIGMA include Sabar tribe handicrafts and Aarohini bakery – Streamlining of operations. Under these live projects, team SIGMA provides the basis for the training and development of the parties involved ranging from distant tribes to local farmers along with helping in marketing and streamlining of operations of the businesses
  • Proud to ride (Cycle Initiative): An initiative aimed towards making XLRI campus carbon neutral. In December 2015, SIGMA launched the ‘Proud to Ride’ initiative and added 36 cycles for the usage of the students to commute inside the campus. In June 2016, due to increased demand and the appreciation by the students, the number of cycles was increased to 76
  • Spot Fixing: This initiative was started in November 2015 with the idea of making the streets of Jamshedpur cleaner while beautifying them with socially encouraging messages. So far, three spots have been cleaned and painted across Jamshedpur, and more such spot-fixing ideas are in pipeline
  • Basic Computer Learning Program: This initiative, popularly known as BCLP aims at increasing the computer literacy among the school-going children through a comprehensive coursework. The course consists of 15 sessions and each session is of two hour each. We saw an enthusiastic participation of 60 students for the course over the last year. The classes are held on every Sunday afternoon with students of XLRI as the facilitators of the sessions.
  • Legal Literacy Program: This recent initiative aims at providing the necessary basic legal information that the local rural people should have in order to understand their legal rights. The modules that are taught in the 3-hour sessions are designed as per the need of the identified group
  • Waste food management: SIGMA started an initiative for managing the huge amount of prepared food that gets wasted in the college every day through collaboration with Helping Hearts, an NGO that co-ordinates with multiple institutions in Jamshedpur and collects wasted food and makes it available for people who are short of food
  • Collaborating With NGOs: Over the years, SIGMA has successfully collaborated with many local NGOs like SEEDS, Goonj among others, working towards the betterment of the local population in the areas these NGOs are working in
  • DaanUtsav: Under this initiative ‘Joy of giving week’, SIGMA conducts a range of activities from donation sprees across the city to KehKaha day in XLRI (spending a day with underprivileged children on campus)
  • Oikos Jamshedpur Chapter: SIGMA is an active chapter from Jamshedpur and is one amongst the only 4 chapters that Oikos (Switzerland) has in India, working towards sustainability initiatives

Blood Donation Camps, health camps and coordinating other students’ voluntary socially responsible activities are among the other things that SIGMA has been conducting continuously over the years.

Every great team has a constant presence of a mentor to guide them over time. SIGMA has its guide and architect in faculty advisor Professor Madhukar Shukla, one of the most revered faculties in campus.