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Other activities, and events conducted in the past:

Battle of Classixx:

XLRI Jamshedpur hosted the first-ever national sports meet, between three of the best B-schools - XLRI, XIM Bhubaneshwar and IIM-Lucknow sponsored by Tata Steel and PepsiCo during Aug first weekend. From fighting it out in tense board rooms, this past weekend the future managers of our country fought it out under the sultry sun, high on enthusiasm and the thrill to win.

The sports meet had a plethora of events like football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, badminton, swimming, lawn tennis, field and track events along with an entire gamut of indoor sports like table tennis, chess and carom.

XL Da Akhada:

B-schools have heard of football leagues, badminton and basketball competitions, but at XLRI we do things a little differently. SportsCom decided to go back to their Indian roots and host XL da Akhada.

Going back to sports which are being played since the time of Mahabharata, the whole college was involved in an evening of unlimited fun. From amongst the diaspora of Indian sports we chose Kabaddi, Tug of War, Arm-Wrestling and cock fighting.


We at XLRI believe Sports to be the thread which binds all XLers. For this purpose we organized Maha-Sangram, a three day mega event. The entire college was divided into three franchise; Dabang, Bahubali and Dhurandhar, who battle it out for the ultimate trophy.

The teams are formed by the Team Owners and managers, who are one of the best strategists on the campus through a bid process. Similar to the IPL format, the interesting process creates a lot of buzz & excitement among the aspiring managers as well as the players who are bid for. This is followed by a relentless and ruthless pursuit for the coveted title of Maha-Sangram Champions among the franchise where clan loyalties turn friendships into healthy rivalries.

Leagues and Live Screening:

Futsal and Basketball leagues were organized to attract participation from students who generally do not take part in sports. This helped the captains identify hidden talents in the batch. Plus the level of competition was unexpected and we witnessed many upsets. It served as a great platform for students who hardly got a chance to play due to the busy schedule and was like a simulation for other inter-college tournaments.

SportsCom also organizes the live screening of football matches which brings all the football fans together. This is appreciated by many students who otherwise had a bland experience watching the matches on television.

XIMB Sports Meet:

XLRI attended the annual sports meet in XIMB Bhubaneswar. The other colleges to have attended the sports meet are IMI and IMT Nagpur. XLRI was represented in badminton, table-tennis and throw ball (girls). The badminton and table-tennis teams qualified to the semi-finals. This tournament served as a good inter-college exposure for junior teams as the senior team could not participate.


SportsCom facilitates students to avail the swimming facility at the nearby JRD sports complex by acting as a liason between the two parties to ensure registration and other formalities are taken care of to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for students.

Support for other events and committees:

Sports is an integral part of many events at XLRI, and SportsCom helps a number of committees such as MAXI and SIGMA with organizing the sports related aspects of their events.