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Events held during the year 2015-16

Ratanjee Memorial Trophy:

Ratanjee Memorial Sports Meet was instituted in memory of the late Ratanjee Jha, a PMIR Student of the Class of 2001. The meet introduced a new concept of sports @ XLRI. Traditionally sports within XLRI have been organized on an intra house basis, but with this event the format changed to a senior versus junior sports meet.

Being the first large scale event on campus makes this event a huge crowd puller. The main purpose the event serves, besides giving the students a welcome break from their hectic work schedule, is to identify the juniors for the XL-IIMC meet, also organized by SportsCom.

The event brings out a keen sense of competition between the seniors and the juniors. However the rivalry is restricted to the field, in fact a spirit of camaraderie and friendship is omnipresent.


Valhalla is the sports and cultural festival of XLRI and is one of the grand events of SportsCom. This year four B-schools participated in the sports tournament. These included XIMB, SIBM, IIM Raipur, and IIMC. There were total 13 events which include both men and women sports. Sports included Football, Basketball men, Basketball women, Throwball, Volleyball Men, Volleyball women, TT men, TT women, Badminton men, Badminton women, Carrom, Chess and Pool.

The format of the tournament was leagues matches. The matches were conducted from the beginning of 25th July and ended on 26th July.  The contingents of all the colleges made sure that they were there for every single match of their team to sledge the opponents. The overall winner was XIMB and XLRI stood as the runners up.  The highlight of the event was the final basketball men's match XLRI vs IIMC. The whole contingent of IIMC was there to cheer for their team and the sledging team of XLRI was in full enthusiasm with other people in big numbers supporting them.

The match winner was XLRI and this marked the successful completion of tournament.  XIMB won basketball women, TT men & Women, Throwball and Volleyball men and XLRI won Basketball men, Badminton men& women and Pool.

Independence Cup:

Independence Cup is a multi-sport tournament held on a yearly basis on August 15th. Usually conducted between XLRI and NIT Jamshedpur, this time around, the undergraduate students of IIT Kharagpur were invited as well making it a 3-way battle for the crown.

7 sports, 11 events, 1 day, and at the end of this epic sporting day, the debutants - IIT Kharagpur were crowned champions of the Independence Cup '15 by virtue of their commanding performances in Football, Women's Basketball, Men's Table Tennis and Men's Badminton.

The battle on the field was intense and fierce, and the sportsmanship and camaraderie off it was just as exceptional. While only some may have taken away certificates and medals, everyone took away experiences and memories.


One of the flagship college events of SportsCom at XLRI Jamshedpur, CricBlitz has historically been an event that garners widespread participation and interest, and it was no different this time around.

Held over 4 action packed days, CricBlitz is a unique tournament that offers a twist to India's favourite pastime - Cricket. Teams of 6, each having a minimum of 1 girl player, went head-to-head for the coveted title of CricBlitz Champions. The matches were played at the tennis courts, with innovative rules like having to bowl with your unconventional arm to the girl player of the opposing team, different sections of the court offering bonus runs, and the best of them all - not having to leave the field of play if you get bowled.

The winners may have walked away with the proverbial spoils, but there was more than just one winner in this tournament. If nothing else, it was 4 days of non-stop fun for each player and spectator, and a welcome break after the SIP season.

XL Arena:

Ensemble, XLRI's flagship management fest saw a host of colleges visiting the campus for a plethora of events over 2 days. Amidst all the competitions, 6 teams of die-hard sports enthusiasts locked horns in an epic battle played off the field. An initial online quiz was used to select the best 6 teams from a huge number of entrants for the finale played out during ensemble.

The finale consisted of 3 rounds - the first 2 rounds involved the teams participating in a virtual bidding process. Stars from various sports all over the world were up for grabs, each having a base pirce and a set value of points (which was not disclosed) that they would add to the team that recruited them. The points team accrued in these 2 rounds were then added to the points they secured in the final quiz round.

After a mammoth 6 hours, the top 2 teams not only walked away with the fame and fortune, but also with a sense of pride at having proved themselves to be the most knowledgeable fans on campus!

XL Futsal League:

The XL Futsal League (XFL) was the first of its kind at the college. It started off with a few football enthusiast students registering to be the managers of 8 teams. They would be responsible for building their dream teams and guiding them through this league + knockout format tournament. In the next stage, 76 futsal players from the BM, HR and GMP batches went up for grabs in an auction, with each team's manager(s) juggling between balancing the virtual finances afforded to them and their desire to build a winning team.

While the auction in itself was fun and eventful, it was just the beginning. The 8 teams, now formed, battled it out over 2 weeks to decide who took home the first ever XFL trophy.

Balotellitubbies came out as champions, with The Gegenpressers unlucky runners-up. The tournament in itself was a grand success, and laid the foundation for a new tradition to be started.

XL Sporting Weekend:

5 sports - 3 days - Upping the ante before the mother of all sporting events XL-IIMC, the campus was immersed in a blockbuster sporting weekend. Pool, Chess, Badminton, TT, and Carom were the 5 sports played and the entire college was abuzz.

Conducted just a week before the end-term exams, it was truly something special to watch the enthusiasm and spirit exhibited by the entire college. Matches played into the wee hours of the morning, players running from the TT room, having just finished a match, to the Badminton court for another test of physical and mental fitness were a common sight over the 72 hours.

At the end of it all, the winners, participants, crowd and the whole of XL may have been exhausted from the exhilarating weekend, but at the same time there was a dedication and hunger that had begun to ripple through the entire batch, as the entire college geared up for the visit of their infamous rivals.


No sermon on sports in XLRI is complete without the XL-IIMC meet.

In the early 70s, the students of two of India's finest and premier B-Schools - XLRI Jamshedpur and IIM Calcutta, felt the need for an interaction that would facilitate an exchange of ideas and thoughts and also have some fun. Though they were separated by a few hundred kilometers only, there was hardly any meeting between the two institutes. So, the students planned an annual rendezvous wherein they would participate in academic seminars, presentations and some sports over a weekend in November. Unfortunately, over the years, the raison d'etre behind the meet - exchange of ideas, thoughts etc, lost its sheen among the students. Fortunately, the interaction continued thanks to an event that was originally included to generate interest and fun - sports.

Come rain or shine, every year in September-October, the students of the two institutes meet at one of the campuses in the "mother of all sports meets - XLRI-IIMC Sports Meet". The XLRI-IIMC Meet generates so much passion and fun that ask any alumni what he/she remembers vividly from his/her campus life and this meet will definitely be mentioned. The meet is held every year sometime between September & November. The venue alternates between Jamshedpur and Calcutta. The meet consists of 15 to 21 games played in true "business spirit". Over two days and nights, the campus is electrified with excitement and fun, on and off the field as the host and visitors, players and supporters slug it out.