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The XLRI Adventure and Nature Club (XLANC) is one of the most active clubs on campus providing students with the much needed adrenaline rush to cope with our heavy academic schedule.

Our vision is to help students develop leadership skills and managerial acumen through outdoor activities. We help students develop spatial and environmental awareness along with textbook learning.

We constantly strive to deliver new and innovative ways for students to relax and learn in sync with nature.

We provide the students with activities like Rifle Shooting, Horse riding and Wall climbing. We organize treks to the nearby dalma hills where students can relax away from the hustle bustle of the college in the cozy comfort of Mother Nature. We also organize Star gazing nights where students can marvels at the beauty of the heavens. The scope of our club is limitless and the world is our playground.

All in all we are the club which keeps the students sane and healthy to pursue excellence in every sphere for a healthy body houses a healthy and productive mind.