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XLANC – In the quest of higher peaks

George Elliot’s famous quote “Adventure is not outside a man it is within” aptly sums up the fact that no matter where you are, the lust for the great outdoors never dies out. Perhaps this is why an academic hub, such as XLRI is widely known across the student brethren as an institute that encourages adventure activities. The nearby presence of Tata Steel Adventure Foundation is a driving force for the adventure enthusiasts who leverage their unique infrastructure and expertise to satiate their desire of adventure. And this year XLANC (XLRI Adventure and Nature Club) has used the collaboration of TSAF to successful fruition. It was a year of many firsts for XALNC,that took bolder measures to ensure that it made a sizable impacts in terms of events. The wholly new approach to branding in terms of a brand new logo and a revamped FB page as well as year round events ensured that it became a hit amongst the campus crowd.


XLANC took a bold step to increase their presence and added a larger junior executive member body to carry out a plethora of events in the current year. It started off with the Archery event that was an out of the box ice breaker event for the juniors to get a glimpse of what XLANC was all about. Seldom does any ice breaker event generate so much on campus buzz and enthusiasm as created by the Archery event. The archery kit was graciously provided by TSAF along with the requisite staff and trainers.


Trekking enthusiasts got a chance to escape the madding B-school crowd and trek among the lush rain drenched forests of the Dalma hills. It was a precursor to the mandatory outbound program and provided a great bonding chance to the trekkers. Adventure enthusiasts went gaga over the thrill of trekking on the Dalma hills and seeing the enthusiasm of the students, the next Dalma trek was organized a few days prior to Diwali. It saw far more participation in the form of exchange students too flocking to the trek.


Valhalla was the time that XLANC showcased its flagship event to the colleges that come on campus. The commando net, rappelling and flying fox fixtures drew quite a huge crowd to the JLT where the event was held.


XLANC played a vital role in revamping the horse riding course of TSAF and was successful in generating 2 lakhs worth of revenue. The successful branding of the course within campus was instrumental in garnering an overwhelming response from the two batches and had to be conducted in various batches spread across the year to handle the increased number of applicants. So far it has been one of the biggest achievements of XLANC and thus made sure that XLANC stood in good stead with TSAF.


For gun lovers, the shooting workshop proved to be a delight on a weekend morning. XLANC had arranged for pick up and drop for the students who turned up in large numbers to try their shooting skills with match pistols and rifles in the 10 m long shooting arena at the Jamshedpur Shooting club. The interest shown by many to continue has led XLANC to come up with an annual membership program for the shooters, which is currently on the anvil.


TSAF’s unique fiber sports wall and indoor bouldering wall gave a chance for XLANC to organize the wall climbing over a period of one whole week. The debut weeklong event of XLANC was a hit among students who gave the wall a try at their convenient timings


Ensemble 2014 was a platform for XLANC to showcase its newfound popularity. The first day was reserved for a tree plantation drive and elicited a good response from the batch in number of volunteers for planting the saplings.

Not only did the Chakravyuh event (commando net climbing, wall crossing and rappelling) have a good amount of participation, the Paintball event was the major attraction. The unprecedented response to this event forced XLANC to hold it for limited teams and gifted the winners and runners up with attractive cash prizes and gift vouchers. The hoopla about the event was not lost on the faculty too. Professors donned the vests and went on a paintball frenzied fight in the arena. Ensemble had been a resounding success and XLANC basked in the glory of its two events


Timing is everything and XLANC knew how to capitalize on it fully. On the last day of the exams of the junior batch, XLANC organized a tandem zorbing event as a stressbuster. Teams of two would be rolled along the football ground in a giant inflatable ball. The thrill of the upcoming term break and the opportunity of a photo op drew large crowds to the football field


XLANC covered the whole spectrum of events that it had planned and ended on a high note with two Stellarium sessions for astronomy lovers to gaze at Jupiter and Saturn


If XLANC was active outdoors, it also made sure to register its virtual presence and increase its social media visibility. It leveraged its social media team to float a live project for TSAF that entailed handling TSAF’s online presence. The newfound birdwatching blog started by XLANC is a repository of knowledge on the birds found on campus.

Throughout the year XLANC maintained its fervor to conduct events that catered to the adventure enthusiasts. The permanent archery fixture and the planned lake cleaning drive is all set to take off in the coming few months.

The painstaking effort put in by the XLANC junior and senior team was reaffirmed by that fact that XLANC was now eligible for sponsorship from TSAF as well as an increased funding from the SAC. All the efforts had paid off. With the new “go get em” attitude of the XLANC team, the forthcoming year is bound to have even bigger and better events.