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Some of the annual events of the committee are as follows:

Jamshedpur Run

The Jamshedpur Run, the annual marathon, organized by the students of CII Yi XLRI, that once started off as an event in 2008 has grown into a movement. From school children and college students to faculty members and industry experts to dignitaries and citizens of the city, all participate enthusiastically in the charity run.

The event was started to help people identify winners in themselves. Distance running epitomizes people’s belief and power in achieving their goals. Every runner is a winner once he participates and eventually when he crosses the finish line. The 5th edition of the run welcomed all the citizens of Jamshedpur to run for a simple yet powerful cause – Run to Spread Smiles. With the theme of spreading smiles, the students of XLRI wished to spread the philosophy of making a difference to people’s lives in whatever manner possible and giving joy to everybody around them. Spreading happiness is the underlying principle of all endeavours in the great service of humanity and the theme wished to capture the same spirit. The event receives an overwhelming support from the city of Jamshedpur and an equally humbling support in terms of sponsorships from industry giants and media houses.



KSHITIJ, a flagship event of CII Yi XLRI, goes beyond just being a cultural event. Kshitij is a platform to nurture talent and encourage the quest for knowledge, culture and creativity amongst the less privileged children, who haven’t had such an opportunity or found a representation at this scale before. The event brings together over 500 children from all strata of the society and gives them equal opportunity from schools in and around Jamshedpur. As a teacher of a Government vernacular medium school rightly depicts,’ Our schools are always neglected in School fests of renowned city schools but through Kshitij we are able to show that our students are equally talented’.



The members of the CII Yi XLRI Jamshedpur, keeping up with the mission of XLRI of working for the greater good, organize an awareness campaign, Jagriti which aims at sensitizing the slum dwelling women about the importance of female health, hygiene and sanitation. A team of 20 girl students led by gynaecologists from the city, educate rural women belonging to different age groups about the importance of health, hygiene and sanitation. They engagee with the women through interactive sessions and enquire about the major hurdles they faced in using sanitary napkins such as its non-availability in villages, overpricing of the product by the shopkeeper and the gender hurdle in asking for such products from a male. The committee also plans to take forward the initiative taken through Jagriti with the Direct Livelihood Development Program for women. The students are coordinating with a group of rural women and assisting them to set up a manufacturing unit and a distribution network that will make the napkins available at a low cost, and through women-driven channels.

Jagriti was launched during the Joy of Giving Week, which is a week long event promoting philanthropy in 2012. Last year, Jagriti achieved a fourfold objective i.e. educating the underprivileged women in four fields relevant to women health and sanitation –

1. Awareness about Cervical and Breast Cancer
2. Awareness about contraception and STDs
3. Awareness about basic hygiene and nutrition
4. Awareness about the various healthcare programmes by the Government


Silent Auction

The Joy of Giving week also sees the conduct of the Silent Auction, an annual fundraising event. The students collect items and memorabilia from faculty and students alike and more than 200 such items were put up for auction. In 2013, the students collected Rs. 60,000 for the cause of lung cancer patients and donated the same to Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital, Jamshedpur. Silent Auction is an innovative event organized by CII Yi XLRI in order to raise fund to support a noble cause. Silent Auction touches the chords of the XLRI community. The XLRI fraternity experiences the joy of giving by donating memorabilia/services and sharing their personal belonging, memories and skills with others.



The first edition of TEDxXLRI was launched in March 2014. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It is best thought of as a global community welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world.

TEDxXLRI is an independently organized TED event managed by the CII Yi Net of XLRI. In its first edition, with its unique theme of ‘Infinite Possibilities’, TEDxXLRI strives to bring forward a gamut of ideas, which will provide inspiration to every member of the audience. With eminent speakers from different walks of life sharing their views, and engaging in a discussion, the event promises to inspire everyone to think beyond the ordinary.