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Samarthya - The Human Potential Centre

Samarthya is the youth wing of Centre for Education Management, Leadership and Research (CEMLR) and operates under the guidance of Professor ISF Irudayaraj. The committee was formed with the sole aim of helping the school students of Jamshedpur, their parents and their teachers deal with their emotions and realize their full potential. Developing a rapport with the students, acting as their buddies and eventually helping them cope with various situations forms the bedrock of its very existence.

Currently in its fourth year of operations, Samarthya facilitators currently take sessions in 3 schools across the town. The sessions deal with one topic at a time, related to common problems and dilemmas faced by the youth. The facilitators put their best efforts to make the sessions as interactive as possible and elicit responses from students voicing their opinions and concerns. The main purpose of the sessions is to make them talk and express their problems and insecurities. The sessions also lead to building of one to one bonding as the students find in the facilitators a mentor, a friend to whom they can share their fears and insecurities.

School Sessions

The model of Samarthya is to deliver sessions to the school students in Jamshedpur. The sessions are focused on self, interpersonal relations and coping with the pressures in society. They deal with issues like self - awareness, conflict management, peer pressure and anger management. The aim is to build a rapport with the students and gain their trust.

Samarthya in the last year has consistently conducted 13 sessions in 15 sections (classes IX-XIIth) of MNPS, DBMS and Loyola focusing on social and emotional development of school students.

Annual Conference - Reflections

Samarthya hosted Reflections '16 - the 4rd edition of their Annual Conference on 16th January, 2016. The theme of their conference this year was "Let's Talk". Their aim was to bring out in the open the difference in perspectives of the stakeholders in three areas - Parent Child Relation, Cyber Security and Changing Times. The conference saw participation from over 8 schools and a footfall of over 100. The stakeholders discussed and reflected on the difference in perspectives and then presented their ideas in the open forum. The conference used earnest dialogue and fun filled games to make the stakeholders understand each other's perspective.

Career Counselling Workshop - Disha

Samarthya conducted the second edition of their hugely successful career counselling workshop Disha in November. Over 25 students from XLRI gave guidance on 19 different streams for the students of classes 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. Over 300 students, parents and teachers attended the event to understand the varied possibilities available in terms of career choices.

Train the Trainer: Meet the Mentor Program

To expand their focus to both parents and teachers, this year Samarthya for the very first time conducted the Train the Trainer: Meet the Mentor program where they collaborated with teachers to enable them to become better mentors for their students.  This also helped them increase the ambit of their collaborators.

World Suicide Prevention Day Program

In September, Samarthya associated with Tata Main Hospital and conducted the 2-day 'World Suicide Prevention Day' program which involved an "Awareness Walk", Group Discussions and Debate competition. Over 15 schools and colleges including NIT Adityapur participated in the event aimed at spreading awareness about suicide prevention. This ties in with their overall objective of ensuring the emotional health of the youth.

Expanding our Reach

Understanding that they may not be able to touch the lives of a greater number of children personally, they maintain an active Facebook group which is more than 500 members strong to interact with the school children. They have recently started an initiative of sharing education and career patterns of students of XLRI from various fields to inspire them to broaden their horizons and enable them to understand the various possibilities.

Future Plans

Samarthya plans to chart out a developmental program for children with thalassemia, for which they have engaged with Anurag Foundation. They are also in talks with Mr Ronald D'Costa - their external advisor, to extrapolate Samarthya's understanding of children's need unto thalassemic children.