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A Model for Pricing Emergent Technology based on Perceived Business Impact Value

The Article, Published by Arpan K Kar & Ashis K Pani in International Journal of Technology Marketing, 6 (3), 2011, 241-258, 2012

A major challenge in the marketing of emergent industrial technologies is the pricing of the same. Because of this challenge, a better strategy to price them would be one based on the value it would provide to the customer or the client firm. Now often such technologies have multiple attributes or features, which would be valued differently by each customer. So effectively the total perceived value from such a technology would vary from customer to customer. This paper proposes a novel way to capture the value an emergent technology may provide to the customer by treating the problem as one of multi-criteria decision making one. This paper proposes a multi-response fuzzy analytic hierarchy process for capturing the estimated value of emergent technologies with multiple attributes or features. Then it suggests a pricing strategy based on this estimated value and provides an example with a hypothetical problem.